Tiger’s Tales: More Sun More Fun

As the days get longer Nahe and I are enjoying the sun more. The days are getting warmer and our coats are beginning to shed.

Mom took us out for a ride TWICE this week!

I’m pumped.

We didn’t get pictures from our rides this week so here’s some of last year! Same fields.

The first time was SO exciting. We only went around the cornfield once. I was so excited I didn’t want to walk or stand still. I just wanted to GO! But mom said no.

The next ride we had mom had a new friend come out. She was really nice and Nahe and I both like her a lot. Mom’s friend got on Nahe and mom rode me bareback and we went for a slow tailride around 3 cornfields. She still wouldn’t let me GO but it was a lot of fun. Nahe was excited too. I think mom’s friend called him “party boy.” Nahe likes to grab my reins (I wore a halter) and lead me around if we get close enough. We walked up and down hills, along the creek. We saw hawks, and turkey, and even some bear tracks.

Life is going to get more exciting soon, I just know it. When there’s more sun, we have more fun!

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