The Sunday Review: Tack Saver Mitt

Through my subscription to Cavali Club I have been introduced to a lot of great new brands run by smaller business owners. There are some really unique products out there aimed to make life easier for all of us, and I love learning about the individuals who represent their brands. When possible I prefer to shop with a smaller business owner. This week I am featuring a product introduced to me through Cavali Club and has a very unique twist; the creator of this product is only 13 years old.

This week’s Sunday Review is all about Bella’Mars’ Tack Saver Mitt (which I may have mentioned in the last edition of The Sunday Review). I first received the mitt in my Summer 2020 Cavali Club box and was fascinated to learn that the creator was only thirteen years old. At only nine Bella’Mar was tired of “icky” hands from using old rags and sponges for cleaning tack. With the help of her entire family the Tack Saver Mitt was born.

Bella’Mar’s Tack Saver Mitt is a double sided no-pill fleece mitten that is easy to use for cleaning tack and a variety of other jobs. It is water resistant, comes in three sizes, and there are over twenty color options available. They also offer custom barn colors with a minimum purchase quantity.

The mitts can be washed and reused over and over. Use it for fly spray, applying liniment, sunscreen, cleaning tack. You can even use if to clean around the house or in your car.


  • Affordable
  • Keeps your hands clean
  • Different sizes to allow for many different hand sizes
  • Generous color selection


  • The TackSaver website is a little primitive. It doesn’t have a FAQ section nor does it provide information about international purchasing options.
  • You’re going to want a few for different uses


  • Don’t overwash, the oils are good for the mitt
  • Use a separate mitt for cleaning tack than you would for applying products to your horse
  • Mineral spirits help to loosen wax products


Tack saver mitt was designed as an alternative to wash cloths, rags, and sponges. Some people have used loofa gloves, and other mittens. I don’t know of another brand designed for this specific purpose.

Final Word:

Bella’Mar’s Tack Saver Mitt is a wonderful find…I used mine to clean my saddle and tack at the beginning of the winter but you can use yours for anything…apply fly spray, apply sunscreen. Dust with it, even! The mitt is fabulous to have and inexpensive. I absolutely give it my seal of approval and I’m happy to support Bell’Mar and her family.

Get yours today at

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