Fun Mealprep tip!

Today I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Throughout my years of helping on farms I’ve learned how much horse people love to meal prep. There’s nothing worse than a barn full of horses hearing their meals being scooped and waiting for it to be delivered. The excitement of kicking stall doors, whinnying, pawing, and all the other habits of a hungry horse anxiously awaiting their meal.

Luckily my horses have hay at all times and are very happy to be served breakfast and dinner but are never rude or crazy with excitement about it. Still, having their meals prepped ahead of time helps cut down on time.

Thanks to my grain bin and the buckets I own I have the capacity to prep 4 meals ahead. The upcoming meal is prepped in their feed buckets. The other three are in the smaller round pails and stored in the grain bin. Once the horses finish eating I simply grab the next set of buckets and dump them into their feed buckets.

I don’t just store the buckets in the grain bin. I also like to cover them. Mice have in the past found their way into the bin (a design issue which I think I’ve fixed by now). Tack stores sell these fabulous fabric bucket covers. A farm I worked for a few years ago used these types of covers and had quite a few. I received one in a horse subscription box a couple years ago.

The problem? The bucket covers cost $12-13 each. That’s not a ton of money but it definitely doesn’t seem worth the price to me…call me stingy.

I’ve found a way to cover my buckets for a fraction of the cost.


I purchased a couple shower-caps from Walmart for $2 each. They fit my buckets perfectly.

I’m not offering any life changing tips but I find these money saving tips super helpful and handy so if I can help just one person I’m happy!


  1. Awesome idea, shower caps, mice are naughty, your feed bins look so cool. I use old otto bins((council keeps changing it’s mind) as feed bins, i cut a piece out from around the middle of the bin & screw the top & bottom together so as the bins not so deep, but the lid is still attached if that makes sense. lol.

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    1. I love seeing all the creative ways people store their feed! Before this the galvanized trash cans worked really well…but they take up a lot of space whereas I can store a lot more in this bin. I’ve also seen old chest freezers that work well too.

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