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Winters in New York are ridiculous….a lot different than what I grew up with as a colt in Hawaii. I’ve adapted pretty well but the deep freezes are getting a little old.

We’ve had a few snow storms which I don’t mind. The snow cleans my hooves and makes the ground more bearable to walk on. Last week we had a deep freeze with wind chills down to minus 20-25°F (-30°C). It was coooooold!

Once I grow my winter coat I’m usually pretty comfortable without a blanket but I was glad to have my Rambo heavyweight blanket with a hood.

The insulated water trough froze a lot last weekend. Mom broke up the ice four times a day to make sure we got enough to drink. She also gave us an extra meal in the middle of the night. Hot alfalfa soup! YUM!!!!

Mom picked up more hay before the last snowstorm and she put a full round bale in our paddock with a net for us to eat anytime we wish. It is so good I’ve definitely gained a few pounds. Mom told me to cut it out because she had to let out the surcingle on my other blanket already. She was so excited and happy to give us this bale with the cold weather; she knows that the hay and hot alfalfa soup helps keep Tiger and I warm during these cold days.

Tiger’s been kind of a grouch, though. He gives mom faces and sometimes even chases me away from the hay. He’s not always this way but he doesn’t like the cold much, either. We both miss green grass.

Soon enough, though, Tiger and I will begin to nibble the first blades of spring. Mom’s already starting to see some of my fur falling out. Spring is coming…I’ll follow up when I return again an April.

Until then, stay warm and hang loose!

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