The Sunday Review: Chick’s Saddlery Muck Bucket Cart

Manure management is a consideration made by everyone who operates a horse farm no matter how big or small. After all horses can manufacture 35-50 pounds of manure EACH….EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!!

I am fortunate to have a small farm of two horses. Manure management is much more manageable with only two. I have a tow-behind metal cart that’s used with my ATV but I don’t like to hook it up daily. Instead, I use a muck tub and fill the cart over 3-4 days. To move the muck bucket I use a muck bucket cart I purchased through Chick’s Discount Saddlery. I wanted a cart but everywhere I looked at the time was either sold out or much more expensive.

The cart is capable of holding a large 70-quart muck bucket; essentially 1 stall. It cost me about $50 to purchase. It arrived in a square slim box and had all of the tools I needed for assembly. In only 10-20 minutes it was ready for use!

One thing I noticed about the design was the cheap chain used to hold the metal ring in place. In order to secure it I hooked one end of the chain, applied pressure to the metal ring until I could hook the other chain. I had a bad feeling about this but I carried on.

I have been using the cart now for at least six months. So far my suspicions were exactly right. Those chains are TERRIBLE. Just this morning I had to re-hook the chains FOUR times on four separate trips.

The design could be improved rather easily. Even baling twine would work better. Alternatively you can add your own chain and carabiners that will close completely to prevent them falling off.

As far as using the cart…I’m a rather vertically challenged person. I stand only 5’3″ (160cm). The handle of the muck cart requires even stumpy me to bend to the side to reach and pull it around.

My final gripe is the handle. I’ve had the handle slide off a few times. Not really a BIG deal but it just adds to the annoyance factor.

It’s not all bad, don’t let me fool you. Being able to haul a lightweight cart across terrain makes for easy work. I would much prefer this method over the wheelbarrow. I usually get 1 or two buckets done by the time the boys have finished their breakfast. Then I pick their feet and take the buckets back to the shed to make dinner. Easy. Peasy.

This would also come in handy if/when I go camping!


  • Affordable
  • Holds large muck tubs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple design can be improved with basic materials
  • Makes picking the shed and paddock quick and easy
  • No need to hook up the dump cart every day
  • Easy to trek across the paddock


  • Rubber handle fell off
  • Chinsy chain design falls off easy
  • Height of the handle, even for a shorty like me I have to bend sideways to lift it


  • If you get this model use some baling twine to make a more secure connection for the metal ring to the base. Alternatively use some better chain and a carabiner.


  • Tractor Supply Company offers a collapsible one for a little more money. It doesn’t have a way to secure the muck bucket in but it can be used for feed bags, hay bales, and I can imagine it would be cool for trailers.
  • has a similar muck cart that holds the bucket and seems like it could be more secure.
  • Schneider’s makes their own muck cart for a similar price but it doesn’t seem to be too stable since the ring that holds the bucket in only has one point of contact. With a full bucket of damp manure I can see this going sideways….or forward…literally.

Final Word:

I bought this specific model from Chick’s Saddelry due to circumstances. I wanted the cart sooner than later and most comparable carts were not available at the time. The only ones I could find were $80-129 and didn’t appear to be significantly better. I was already ordering the zebra fly gear (and several other items) so it made sense to simply add the cart to my existing order.

Having a muck bucket cart in general has been a blessing. It’s lightweight and easily to move around. Do I hate the design? Yes….but not enough to condemn the whole thing. With some very affordable adjustments it will work much better.

If you’re interested in getting this one, simply check it out here:


  1. I was probably a little too excited to read your blog, lol. Every equine lovers dilemma. Do you find yourself kicking your heels on it at all, that is my main hassle with carts. This is definitely one I would try out. Being 5ft9 I will extend the handle. haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes puts a whole different spin on kicking up your heels. I often wonder what the horses think of their pets picking up & tripping up, dragging buckets & wheel burrows of their poop around. lol I’m sure they are entertained. Have a wonderful week ahead my horsey friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know it sure makes Nahe very intrigued. He always comes over to investigate, put his head on my shoulder, ask me why no treats…then leaves his contribution nearby…usually allowing me to catch it with the pitchfork. I’m just that crazy haha

      Liked by 1 person

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