Tiger’s Tales

Woohoo! I have been enjoying my vacation.

Mom hasn’t worked me since hunter pace season. I have a feeling that vacation’s coming to an end soon though but it’s been nice hanging out and eating.

Wintertime is a crapshoot. The ground is hard. It’s cold. It snows. It’s wet. It’s dark. All of us are cranky.

Mom knows better than to make us work on the hard ground. It hurts our feet. Instead she gives us some time off to relax. She also comes out to give us warm mashes. Sometimes she gets weird and points a black gadget at us. It makes clicking sounds and then suddenly we’re internet famous. I really like the treats, though! Those are my favorite!

Mom bought some hoof boots and has been waiting for hunter season to end. Now that it’s over I think she’s going to have us break them in and we’ll be able to take some trail rides around home.

I can’t help but admit I might like it. I’ve had two months off and trail riding doesn’t seem so bad. I really liked it last year.

This week mom got on us a couple of times. We went around the yard bareback at a walk *yawn.*

This year mom’s been given permission to ride many more fields. We have a lot of exploring to do!

I don’t know what’s in store for us this year…mom doesn’t either to be honest. I guess we will see in time!

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