The Sunday Review: Back On Track Mesh Sheet

A few years ago Blade slipped on ice; he went hard onto his side and was immediately lame. I tried to help him “walk it off” but it was no use. We let him rest in his stall for the weekend and was still lame. The vet that came out found a chip in his hip bone but couldn’t be certain if there was more damage without a bone scan. We opted not to put him through the trailer ride to get a bone scan (which would ultimately lead to the same treatment…stall rest) so we put him on stall rest for a few weeks.

I wanted to find other methods that could be used to help Blade heal faster and began to do research. I came across Back on Track.

Back on Track is a ceramic infused fabric designed to reflect the body’s heat back into the body as longwave infrared radiation. These waves help to increase circulation and help ease muscle tension. Veterinary studies have shown that the blanket shows remarkable improvement in only 2 weeks.

I decided to buy the mesh sheet…I wanted to try it our for myself and it was more affordable than many other treatments that are out there…AND I get to have something tangible out of it and use it repeatedly.

I began to introduce the sheet to Blade immediately. I read that gradual introduction is best so he wore the sheet for an hour or two a day whenever I could get to the barn. After two weeks he was used to the sheet enough for overnight use.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to help him but I like the science of the product. It made sense to me. Plus, it’s a therapy I can use again and again since it should never “go bad.”

I had a follow-up with my vet 4-6 weeks after the first visit. Blade had shown remarkable improvement…so much that he was given the clear to get hand walking.

The week after Blade was allowed supervised turnout. I knew he’d be a giddy boy to be outside the barn so the vet supplied me with an intramuscular sedative. Even with the sedative he was so happy to be outside he hopped around his tiny round-pen like a rocking horse as if he’d never been hurt in the first place.

Soon enough we began introducing light riding back to him. I was impressed by how fast he healed and I think Back on Track had a lot to do with it.

Since buying the mesh sheet for Blade I had purchased back braces for my parents. I have a scarf and wrist braces for myself. Zac has purchased socks for his mom. I also have back on track open front boots, saddle pad, and eat bonnet. Back on Track came out with colored sheets a year or two after I purchased the black one….so I also have a burgundy mesh sheet! Luckily Blade, Tiger, and Nahe are all size 78″ so they have made blanketing easy for me. Now Tiger and Nahe each have one that they enjoy in the evenings when we ride full time.


  • It works! I definitely notice a difference in myself and my horses when using Back on Track products.
  • Physical Item: This is something that’s going to last for years. It’s not a single chiropractic adjustment, message, or PEMF treatment. While those this are wonderful there’s something to be said for a therapy than can be given on a consistent daily basis.
  • Elegant design: I feel fancy when I use Back on Track products. There are ceramic therapy options popping up more and more these days but I still think Back on Track has the nicest aesthetics


  • It’s not a miracle treatment; you won’t be happy if you jump in thinking this is going to solve all of your problems. I saw a noticeable difference in Blade but he still needed time to heal. If you set your expectations too high you’ll be disappointed.
  • Your body CAN get used to it; if used too often the effects aren’t as noticeable. Back on Track recommends taking a break for a little while and returning to it again to feel the affects
  • Cannot be worn 24/7: If you board that can be tricky since not all farm owners will change blankets. You may need to pay someone to do it for you or do it for yourself. First world problems, much?


  • Gradually introduce Back on Track products to avoid any bad reactions.
  • Don’t leave on longer than overnight
  • Use consistently for 10-20 days before realizing any improvements
  • NEVER machine dry it! I wash mine with Rambo wash and hang dry
  • Use during the cooler parts of the day, especially during the warmer months (it gets really warm)


There are many competing products out there. I can’t speak to the efficacy of them but I can say I don’t recall so many back when I first found Back on Track:

Final Word:

Back on Track is a staple in both my home and farm. I don’t use the items every day but it does an excellent job in recovery. I use it most often when we work hard to either warm up the back before our ride or overnight after a tough ride. I used it to help Tiger after his back got sore from riding daily in the summertime.

I prefer to use the mesh sheet over Back on Track’s blanket because it is useful even during the warmer months. As it gets colder I have no issue putting sheets or blankets over the top of the mesh sheet for overnight.

I highly recommend the Back On Track mesh sheet to anyone who wants to support their horse’s overall health and comfort. It won’t solve major issues but it really does help soothe aches and relieve sore muscles.

You find find the mesh sheet in black, burgundy, navy, or hunter green. Get yours now at:


  1. So great you found something affordable its so traumatic when they injure themselves in anyway. Any bone or ligament injury anyone has we always use comfrey ointment its referred to as the bone knitter. I was thinking though the for our old Pony Danny, he doesn’t warm so quickly & it is getting harder during winter & there are only so many rugs you can put on before it weighs them down. He wont go into shelter, we think he had a trauma of some sort with the previous owners given other things we had to ease him into, so you can imagine wet cold winters are a bit of a nightmare. I wonder could it be used for that I will check it out. I just love your blogs so much horsey fun & fantastic info, thank you.

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    1. I think its possible but again the 24/7 would be an issue. In the fall as it gets colder I have used it overnight under their sheet because it was cooler at bight but not medium weight cold. Then during the day they’d be naked or just the sheet

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  2. Love all the BOT products! Our OTTB has the same mesh sheet your post describes & my QH got the shoulder guard for Xmas & he loves it! Great products for both horse & human!! Great review & analysis of the pros & cons!!

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