Looking Ahead: With Your Help

I have been writing The Green Horseman since September 2017 now. At it’s inception I had a vision for this site to be a community for horse-lovers, parents of horse lovers, and newcomers to the horse world. I have made some educational posts and I link it in with my personal experiences. I am nowhere near an old seasoned horseman; I still have much to learn and I imagine I will still be learning when I’m 75. That said I’ve been an avid horse-nerd for over thirty years and I’ve worked on hose farms on and off for the past 20 years. My intent was to use my experiences to help those next in line navigate the crazy world of horsemanship.

A few of my early posts were geared more to the newcomer:

As I moved on I added some interviews:

You have also heard from the boys on the first Thursday of every month. Blade started it with Blade’s Chronicles. After his passing Tiger took it on with Tiger’s Tales, and Nahe joined in with Nahe’s News.

This year I began The Sunday Review, I’ve reviewed books, apps, gadgets, electronics, treats, and stable staples. They launch every other Sunday and you can expect a winter-related item coming this Sunday:

And Still I have a majority of my posts that give you a glimpse into my life with my horses. My wins. My trials. My adventures.

Over the past three years The Green Horseman has evolved. And I want to make sure it stays in the right direction.


In 2021 I am planning on making a few adjustments. You’ll still hear from Tiger and Nahe on the first week of the month. I’m still launching The Sunday Review every other week. I’m still going to keep you informed on the comings and goings of The Green Horseman.

But I want to bring education back in a better way.

As a biochemist in education and spirit I am always looking for ways to grow my knowledge. I am a true geek at heart and even have Google Scholar alerts sent to me weekly for the latest in equine research.

For next year I want to focus on a new topic each month. Share research findings and explain them in ways that we can all be excited about. Of course I am limited on what articles I have access to and what articles I am allowed to share, but it would be a fun opportunity to dive into specific topics that we all have interest in.

Once monthly educational posts that explore a topic without getting too heavy or wordy (I hope).

For example, I have researched parasitology, Cushings, beet pulp processing, head shaker’s syndrome, the effects of magnesium, sweet itch, ulcers, and more.

What are some topics (not riding or training related) that you would love to learn more about?


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