National Day of The Horse

Since 2004 December 13th has been reserved for National Day Of The Horse.

Today is named for Americans “to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States.”

Horses have built our country. They have been beside us in times of war. They built our roads, railroads, delivered important medications and supplies, and for many years were our primary mode of transportation. They helped us explore the west. We owe so much to our equine companions. As horse lovers, we know that, but this day of the year is to celebrate our beloved hooved friends.

Horses are more of a “luxury” these days. They work hard for sport but we no longer rely on them (unless we’re in the business). That’s why it’s even more important to take a day to appreciate horses on this day.

So today here’s just a few photos of some of my favorite horses!

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