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Life has been pretty slow here at the farm lately. Ma’s been busy. The weather’s been cold and rainy. Ma hasn’t ridden either of us since the last hunter pace.

The past few weeks we have gotten all the rain we didn’t get all summer long. It’s been so wet and rainy. Thankfully ma’s taking good care of us by making sure we have dry shavings in the shed. Anywhere else, though….puddles…and mud. Our nice stone has turned to puddles as it slowwwwly drains away.

The grass isn’t really growing much anymore…and I don’t go up on the hill too often. In the distance I hear the sounds of hunters putting venison on the table. Ma allows us on the hill and says she doesn’t allow hunting anywhere near us but I usually stay towards the safety of the lower paddocks.

Ma doesn’t come out when the weathers too rainy. She gives us our meals served as a comforting warm soup and we stand under the shed and eat. She cleans up the stall around us and hangs more hay bags. Then she disappears until the next mealtime.

On nice days ma spends more time with us but often picking paddocks. I make sure to give her my donation to the pile. She keeps on working so I stand with her to make her smile. I think she needs to work less and come sit with us more. I rest my head on her shoulder and get some kisses. She keeps working so I stand over the next pile she wants to pick. Somebody tell her to rest! I just love it when she sits with us with no agenda.

Ma’s also been busy working on more building projects. She made her first wind standards recently and has been busy working to sell them. She sold off all but one of her other standards and sold all but one cavaletti. I guess since she doesn’t ride us much in winter she plans to build it all again over the winter. She says she needs the money for our adventures…and for the truck.

I’m not complaining that we aren’t riding…I’ve been enjoying my vacation. I think ma has plans for us in January but for now I like being pleasantly plump.

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    1. Happily to say both boys are very good about the gunshots. They prefer to stay near the shed and they sometimes stare off towards the sound but otherwise are fantastic. If I needed them to they’d switch their focus to me and work, in fact, there were lots of close gunshots near the end of the Locust Hill pace and I was unsettled but Tiger was totally unphased.

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