Helmet Cam is Great…User Needs Work

A few weeks ago now we had a wonderful pace at Wethersfield Gardens in Amenia, NY. I was so excited to try out my helmet camera after it was fixed by the manufacturer (more on that another time).

Photo courtesy of Brian Wilcox at https://connecticutphotocom.shootproof.com/

The display of the camera is lovely but unfortunately I decided not to check the angle so I could get as much footage as possible on the pace since the battery only lasts 75 minutes. As a result I managed to get a lot of Tiger’s ears.

On a positive note…they are REALLY cute ears!

I’ll have edited footage of my fall soon but I’ve gotten behind in my video edits. Be patient with me!

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    1. Not well haha! That video is still in the works. I couldn’t get it edited in time for today. Hoping to put out the next 2 or 3 in the coming weeks then a final verdict on the helmet cam in a later November Sunday Review


  1. Love the earage(footage) don’t they say when you ride your supposed to focus between the ears.lol.
    I like how they look at things & think should I be scared & then they go naaa just trickin. Have you fully recovered from your fall now?

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    1. Aside from some tree ptsd (which admittedly I have had since the first one three years ago) I’m mostly healed up. I think the first thing I do in the new year will be a chiro though….I can tell I’m out of alignment for sure

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