The Sunday Review: Equilab Riding App

aaaand we’re back to our normal routine of The Sunday Review every other Sunday. Today I want to review a different type of product. I learned about this product in July while we were camping and wanted a chance to use it a few times before I made my final opinions.

This week we’re not discussing a physical item but an app for your phone. I’m talking about Equilab.


Equilab is a mobile app that is downloadable for both android and apple phones. I use it on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. It’s main system is completely free and let me say…I am FLOORED by what this app can do!

The Equilab app not only tracks the steps of your ride but can tell you what speed you’re going, your transitions, your distance, tempo, elevation gain. You can tell the app which horse you’re riding, the weather information, and how you and the horse feel that day.

Equilab makes use of the accelerometer and gyroscopes in your phone to estimate your gait, speed, etc. It knows when you’re climbing, it knows your transitions, it knows when you’re turning.

In fact, let’s take a look at our most recent hunter pace (The Pace That’s Out to Get Me) at Landsmankill Trail Association. The pace was about 8.4 miles long. Equilab allows us to look at the pain view or the Google Earth view and tells us how many miles we traveled at walk, troy, and canter (and the average speed).

If you look into the detailed stats we can begin to look at speed, tempo, transitions, stride, and elevation. Below I’ve shown our view of speed, tempo, and elevation. You can see I turned the app on as we mounted and walked to the starting area. We waited for a few moments and really got going around 10 minutes in. The beginning of the pace had terrible footing so we spent a lot of time walking at first.

We began to get rolling and shortly after the 37 minute mark we see a steep drop from canter (9.75mph) to nothing (it should say 0mph, so that’s a minor discrepancy). This is when I hit the tree. You see the dip in the tempo chart also. In order to give our horses a break we alternated often between walk, trot, and canter. The bursts in speed we typically just before a jump.

I haven’t subscribed to the premium version and I have access to all of this data. I can save the ride and describe what the weather was like and how both the horse and I felt on that particular day.

The premium version of the app allows you to connect with other people. Multiple people can log trainings on the same horse and people can communicate trainings with one another.

Another very useful feature is live location tracking. As a premium member you can turn on this feature and your friends and family will be able to know here you are and that you’re moving (or not). If something were to happen to you they would be able to find out and get help on the way. This would be especially useful if you ride alone often or trail ride.

The premium version also gives you access to training trends and a full equestrian calendar that will track shows, coach, farrier, and vet visits.


  • It’s super cool to have the birdseye view of your ride
  • The app doesn’t require any external devices…just what’s on your phone
  • Surprisingly accurate
  • You can view your progress but you can also look at each individual horse’s progress
  • Useful in developing better conditioning and fitness
  • Can share horses with other riders
  • Can connect and share your location with others as a safety feature
  • You can start and end tracking before or after your ride and then go back into the app to tell it the ACTUAL times of your ride and it will adjust accordingly.
  • The free version offers many great and useful features


  • It might look boring from a bird’s eye view if you’re always in the ring
  • You need to make sure your phone is on you
  • Can drain your battery, not a great idea if you’re trail riding in the middle of nowhere

Tips/Fun Facts:

  • This app can be used to capture Tolt if you tell it you are riding an Icelandic Horse
  • If you ride alone often become a premium member to allow location sharing in case you fall and get hurt during a ride.


  • EquiTrail
  • Horse Riding Tracker
  • My Tracks – Google

Final Word:

Equilab was first introduced to me this year when we got more serious about trail riding and camping. I was amazed at how you can track speeds and geographical data. I was excited all summer for hunter pace season to begin so I could put the app to the test. I haven’t used the premium content but the free app is worth the download. I have trainings logged for both Nahe and for Tiger and under my personal riding I can view all of the rides on both horses.

I like using the app to get an idea for how our fitness and conditioning is coming along. I might think we did a long ride but in fact we might only do 3 miles. Other days might feel great but we covered 6 or 7 miles. It’s so easy to forget how a ride was from day to day but the app will remember the facts for you. It will tell you exactly what you’ve done and how you felt about that ride. That way you have a more solid foundation to build upon.

If you ride alone or on trails often it might be a good idea to try the premium version. You never know when something happens to you and your friends/family will be happy to know that you’re safe.

Photo courtesy of Brian Wilcox at


    1. I would say it’s the same as the GPS. A helpful tip I probably should have included is if you have the option you can set your phone to FOCUS mode (I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+). In focus mode you choose which apps are running. I typically let equilab, google maps, phone, messenger, and camera stay on….things I’d want during a ride. That way Facebook and other apps don’t stay on and contribute. I don’t know how much it helps but in my mind it makes sense.


  1. I missed” The pace that’s out to get me” just had a read, dam girl you did good to get back on the way you did. Great read so glad you were ok. I like the look of the app, I have just downloaded it. Will be interesting to see where I end up when I’m back in the saddle. Have a great week ahead.

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    1. Thank you! I cant believe I’ve done it twice now and at the same annual pace! I still havent put together the video footage but it will be up soon. And have fun with the app I think it’s amazing! We just used it again for another hunter pace this morning (and no drama or injuries today thank goodness)!

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  2. I’m really looking for an app that won’t just track your ride, but will let you use a previously tracked ride (saved map) and then show you where you are in relation to that map (so I know if I’m following the route correctly on a future ride). Do you know of any apps that do this?

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    1. Thats a very interesting idea! I’m not aware of it but I did see recently that the designer of Equilab is actively looking for feedback. Perhaps reaching out to them they ight be able to figure out the programming for that?


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