Nahe’s News


Ma’ and I had another adventure together last week.

…and I came back with a new (nick)name!

Tiger and I were happy in our field last Friday and ma’ came out. I love my ma so I always come when she calls.

She wrapped my legs while I grazed. She got a little silly and held up the lightbox and asked me to STOP EATING so she could “take a picture.” I suppose, ma.

When the big dark box came rolling around I wasn’t too sure. “Nah-ima-stay” I told ma…but she insisted so I loaded and we took off for our adventure.

We arrived and the electric fences were everywhere! It took me a while to get used to it…every time I’m near them I get bit and it stings. Ma came to see me and hung my feed bin on the gate near the biting fence. “Nah-ima-stay” I told ma…so she let me eat my hay and dinner in the center of the paddock.

Ma gave me a whole flake of alfalfa and some hay to help settle me in. I had a paddock to myself and two ladies on either side of me, so the digs were pretty great.

In the morning ma got me cleaned up and we got ready to ride. This time I didn’t have to take a metal bit, she used her star wheel bitless hackamore.

I enjoy following the rest of the pack. I get to sniff butts if ma lets me get too close. I don’t mind leading sometimes, but I prefer to follow. Ma asked me to lead for a bit. We had a nice time up front but then…

“Nah-ima-stay” I told ma…and I let the others pass by.

We rode for a couple hours and finally got to a spot where the humans got off to eat. Ma loosened my girth and tied me with the baby horse. I got a nap in after she shared a carrot and some sun chips with me.

We began again after lunch. We crossed water a few times. The river was very rocky and hurt my feet. “Nah-ima-stay” I told ma. But she insisted we go and let me take my time to find the most comfortable path.

I guess it’s no surprise that ma’s friends nicknamed me Namaste.

That first day was a long ride. I enjoyed resting while the humans burned wood nearby. Mom was close by and came to hug me a few times before bed.

The next morning we got up early and went back out. We were all exhausted from the day before. We set out and climbed a lot of hills. We didn’t ride as long this time but it was HARD.

We loaded back up to go home. Three hours later I step off the box and I’m home! “Nah-ima-stay” I told ma, as I got back to brother Tiger and got a drink.

Ma says the first day we rode 13 miles and the next we rode 5…but had a lot of hills. It was a lot of work but I’m happy I had the extra time with ma.

Note From Mom:

Namaste is such a fun and fitting name for him. Nahe already knows his name so I don’t plan on officially changing it but I definitely love it.

Namaste is a Hindu expression defined as “a respectful greeting.” You often say namaste in yoga.

Nahe is a peaceful, respectful, and friendly horse.

On a fun note if you say it right Namaste can sound like “Nah-Ima-Stay.” Since Nahe is always on aloha time that is also very fitting.

Nahe may respond to Nahe….but he’s definitely earned a fitting and cure nickname.



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