The Sunday Review: Husky Utility Cart


Today’s item isn’t something you’d find in a tack shop or farm store. Although its intended use is non-equine it has really proven itself and earned its place in the equine world. Today’s item you’ll find at Home Depot.

Originally advertised to home improvement nuts and contractors, the Husky 37″ Rolling Tool Box Utility Cart makes for a fantastic storage trunk for horse people. I purchased this toolcart in 2015 the week before Blade became mine. It fit in my car (but not without scuffing the door a bit) and what got me what IT WAS AFFORDABLE.

Pardon the dirty appearance. Let’s just call it barn glitter.

The Husky 37″ Utility cart is found at Home Depot for about $65-70 (I think I bought it for $60 at the time…thanks inflation). The cart is 23.5″ high, 37″ long, and 23″ wide and made of polypropylene. It looks and feels super sturdy and have stook/sat on it many times. It has two heavy duty secure latches and also locks with a key (2 keys were provided). I have been at farms where people weren’t very trustworthy in the past so it’s nice to have the option of locking it. I didn’t lock it after moving farms but it still works fine.

The cart has two 8″ all-terrain wheels and has a handle to pull it. The handle slides away discreetly. Inside the cart it also came with a “tool caddy” which has a place to sit right on top under the lid. While Tim Allen uses the caddy for his screwdrivers and drillbits, the caddy is perfect for brushes, hoofpicks, and commonly used ointments.

As a useful storage trunk the Husky 37″ Utility Cart has a 50 gallon storage capacity. When I boarded I kept shampoos, ointments, my brushes in it. I also stored my fly sheet, quarter sheet, polo wraps, horse boots, first aid, spare halters in it. Today it is my seasonal storage bin. I seem to have a surplus of horse rugs. While I’m in the process of sorting out what gets kept and what gets donated I use this trunk to store them…after the rugs get laundered of course.

If you fold well you can get quite a few blankets in here. I didn’t count what’s in this trunk currently but I’m fairly certain there are four medium/heavy 78″ rugs, a quarter sheet and maybe a sheet or two. You can make more room if you sit on the rugs inside the trunk to squeeze out more air (at least that’s how I do it).

I still use the tool caddy for my brushes but they live outside the cart now and in my barn (as a matter of fact I use a canvas Husky toolbag for my travel brush bag, too, I’ll have to revisit it at another time).

One of my favorite parts about the Husky Utility Cart is it stays SEALED. Granted I have found a spider in there in the past (maybe it climbed in first, or maybe it went through the tiny hole for charging cables). It’s weatherproof. It’s RODENT PROOF. I have had some expensive things destroyed by mice and that’s not an issue when things are locked up in the Husky Cart.

That said, it’s good to open it and air it out from time to time. My blankets are laundered before storing but they aren’t as clean as brand new blankets. They still have some residual horse scent and when stored for long periods they can begin to smell stale.


  • Affordable at about $65-70
  • Comes with a free brush box
  • Slot in sides made specifically for the caddy to sit on top
  • Keeps rodents out
  • Water/Weatherproof
  • Holds up to 50 gallons
  • Lockable
  • Sturdy
  • Portable, comes with wheels and a nice handle that slides away when you don’t need it
  • It’s a good size, not too big but large enough to store your things.


  • The trunk is simply a trunk. It doesn’t come with fancy polowrap dividers or spots to separate things. The truck can become a black hole if you don’t stay diligent to keep things organized.


  • Outside Dimensions: 37.5L x 23W x 23.5H
  • Inside Dimensions: 33.5L x 18.25W x 19.25H
  • It’s easy to lose little things in this that you might not otherwise use in the brush box. I used to lose the thermometer, weight tape, and replacement blanket straps all the time. I recommend using plastic boxes to keep all of those in one place.
  • If you store fabric make sure they are clean
  • Save one for me! I want more.


  • Horsemen’s Pride: For $200 you can get this trunk. It comes in different colors. It’s a comparable size, and also has a brush caddy. The brush caddy doesn’t have a handle and the trunk doesn’t have wheels.
  • SporTote Tack Trunk: This is slightly cheaper than Horsemen’s pride…at $160. Still comes in colors. It’s smaller than the Husky trunk, doesn’t come with a grooming tray. But for $30 you can add a wheel assembly kit.
  • There are other options but the above two are most similar…the others are increasing in price. If you want wood you are looking at $500-1000 or more, not weather or mouse proof, and MUCH less portable.

Final Word:

I love my Husky Utility Cart. I love it so much I am hoping to one day have one or 2 more…1 for each horse’s blankets and another for my trailer. The trunk holds up well to daily use and also stores well for longterm use. It goes to show that many “horse” products are grossly overpriced…a gripe I have with the industry that I may address at a later time.

I HIGHLY recommend this for your storage!

Find it at: Home Depot

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