It’s OK to Just Be You

I never imagined I would be a professional horseback rider. I have never shown. I might show someday…but then again I might not.

I want to be the best rider I can be but let’s face it. I have no misguided intentions of entering FEI rated shows and becoming a serious competitor.


I don’t feel the need to push my limits every single ride. I have rides that I simply get on and mosey.


I am not at the same riding level as some of my friends.


Recently I had a friend who spoke (well, texted) nearly condescendingly to me that we aren’t good riding partners. I’m either too far away or our horses aren’t compatible…this is truly coming from one single event.

Yes, I’m far away but I always pitch in for gas and I’m ready on time… and I am often generally on the way to the events we’re attending.

While it’s true Tiger prefers to be a leader and can be difficult if he isn’t up front, the event we attended I had only known him for a couple months…tops. He and I have a better relationship now (But yes he’s still a bit unruly when he’s following…he has a case of FOMO). Additionally I wasn’t comfortable galloping him without having known him better.

The way it was worded I felt that I’m essentially a burden to this friend. It was a bitter pill to swallow but I moved on…and naturally distanced myself from this friend.

To each their own…but it has forced me to soul search and focus on myself and my own needs and desires. It was an opportunity to myself to grow.

Perhaps my friend has upper level goals that I am unaware of.


I have finally figured out what I want for myself; at least at this point in time. It’s not fancy, it’s not flashy. It’s practical and it’s leisure.


I love my horses and want to enjoy them to the fullest. I want to ride my best. I have no upper level goals but I want to experience everything I can. I want to camp. I want to hunter pace. Maybe I want to rein or work cattle someday. I want to get back into mounted archery. Maybe someday I’ll do mounted shooting.

I don’t mind slowing down for a friend who is behind me in skill. I don’t mind taking it easy and going slower sometimes.

I don’t mind the look I get from the clinician when I attend a cross country clinic and admit that I don’t show…the I simply want to ride better for my horse.

In the end I want to enjoy my horses and I want my horses to enjoy their job.


Do you have big goals? That’s OK

No big goals? That’s OK too!

Tell me! What makes you tick?

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  1. Great post! I think this post will encourage riders who think like you. And YES! it is OK. You are OK and I bet your horses are happy. I do compete at an FEI level. My horse and I train hard and also go for walks in the forest. Today I had a great lesson with my coach. Today I know Biasini was very proud of himself and I believe he knew he had done well. So you and I carry on and we are both OK! Carry on and enjoy your horses. They are lucky to have a life with you.

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