The Sunday Review: Limber Up Liniment by Back on Track


I love to have ample amounts of liniment on hand.  I use it to help support my horses after long or strenuous workouts.

Over the years I have found quite a few different brands, and I feel that certain ones are useful in different situations.

Some are stronger than others.  Some aren’t safe to be used under blankets and wraps.

Recently I have received quite a few opportunities to try Back on Track’s Limber Up Liniment.  I received some in my Cavali Club box and I also received two bottles when I ordered my Back On Track Royal Tendon and Fetlock boots.

Limber Up is an all natural liniment.  It contains arnica which has been touted through the years as a great treatment for strains/sprains.  In addition, the liniment has witch hazel, aloe vera, rosehip, rosemary, yucca, peppermint essential oils.

I love Back on Track…I’m slowly building up my collection of Back On Track swag.  I currently have the wrist braces, scarf, boots, and mesh sheets.  My family has received back braces and socks. It only seemed natural that I would progress to Back on Track’s liniment.  I was very excited to try it.

When I opened it I was blasted with a strong herbal aroma.  I finally realized that the odor reminded me of Isagenix E+ energy shots.  The energy drinks are an all natural version of 5-Hour Energy Shots.  They work great but in order to drink them I had to plug my nose.  I am not a fan of the smell.

Smell aside I was ready to use it on my horses.   I opened it and inserted the spray nozzle that came with it.  As I squeezed the handle nothing happened.  Fine.  I adjusted the end of the spray nozzle that controls the width of the stream and continued to squeeze the trigger to build up pressure.  Still nothing came out.

I tried the second nozzle I was sent (since I received two bottles).  This one worked.  It sprayed a fast thin stream.  I tried to adjust to a fanned out spray but it seemed the only setting I have is jet stream.

Nahe has a lot of white.  I had just finished riding him, gave him a bath, and sprayed him with the liniment.  Grey horse owners: this liniment is amber colored.  It showed up that way on Nahe and in the morning I could still see where I had sprayed him with the Limber Up.

Nahe’s shoulder…freshly cleaned. Scraped excess water, and applied Limber Up…the spray only worked as a stream. After this application I gave up on the spray nozzle and applied by hand.

I also gauge my liniments on whether I can feel it.  Sure, horses are more sensitive, but it makes me feel better than I can actually feel like something is happening.  My hands did not tingle even slightly.


  • All natural ingredients make it very enticing
  • Gentle enough to be used under blankets and leg wraps


  • I personally cannot stand the smell.  It reminds me of Isagenix E+ energy shots (which were wonderful, all natural, and worked but smelled terrible).
  • It discolored light colored horses.
  • The spray nozzle is a pain.


  • Bigeloil
  • Absorbine Veterinary Liniment
  • Vetrolin Liniment

Final Word:

Limber Up Liniment by Back on Track is not something I would buy on my own.  I don’t enjoy the smell, the spray nozzle are poor quality, and I don’t appreciate the coloring on my horse.  I don’t know how it works because I use it after a hard workout and so far they haven’t been sore….so I know that it doesn’t NOT work.  

I love that this is safe for wrapping legs and under blankets.  I love that the ingredients are all natural. 

I love Back on Track…but I have not been won over by the Limber Up Liniment.  I would sooner purchase some of my original go-tos….Bigeloil and Absorbine.

Have you used the Limber Up?  I would love to know if you had a similar or different experience!


    1. I do like vetrolin too! I have a little bottle of the concentrate sitting at home. It’s nice to have options. I have to admit I have used the liniments on myself in the past when aspercreme wouldn’t help

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