Nahe’s News

Aloha! Howzit?

Ma thinks it is time I say hello and tell you the tales of my life. I tell her, “Sis, you lolo, Tiger has it locked tight. Shoots?” Ma doesn’t agree.

Ma took me on our first trip together away from hale (home). We went to Otter Creek together and I met some new friends. Ma’s friends brought a couple of mares but we got along swell.

When we got to camp ma gave me some grindz and let me settle in. Then we got ready and took a ride.

Our camp was nice. There were no bugs, I was happy to be naked and free of the fly mask and sheet. The bugs get me good even though ma works hard to keep them at bay.

The next morning mom and her wahines took us all out for another ride. This time we rode for hours. We came across some water and went for a swim. The mares were lolo. They kept splashing around on either side of me. I just wanted to chill, brah.

While the mares were splashing suddenly the little one, Lucy, dropped without warning. Her ma looked surprised and before she had a chance to tell Lucy to get up she was thrown head first into the water! Lucy rolled in the stream and took off toward the grass. Ma and I went to catch Lucy while the others stayed to make sure her ma was ok (she was)

The next morning mom tacked me up AGAIN! We don’t usually ride like this a lot but I was happy to do it. Spending time with ma like this makes me happy. The weather was good there were no bugs, and I got extra attention. This time we got some opportunities to kick it up a gear. We trotted and cantered a few times and I had a lot of fun with that!

Nights at the camp were cool and comfortable. Before bed ma came to check on me. I got extra ‘ono grindz! Carrots. Apples. They broke da mout!

I was so happy camping with ma that I stood “tied” with the wahines (Lucy is the paint and the grey is Luna). I don’t usually like to be trapped but this was nice. I got a bath every day.

On the fourth day ma came out and started packing. But just as everything was put into the trailer she and her friends tacked us all up one last time. We loaded into the trailer and about 5-10 minutes later we were at a new spot. One last ride. Hana hou!

We didn’t ride for very long. After an hour and a half we got back to the trailers. Ma walked me to the water spigot and I had a drink. She dumped the bucket over my chest and legs. I LOVE water! She wrapped my legs and I got back on the trailer…this time to go hale.

When we got home Tiger greeted me. “Aloha, brah!” I was tired but it was a great trip; ma and I had a great time. I’m glad ma finally decided to take me with her somewhere. Now she’s giving me a few days off, but I’m ready to do more. Really, I’ll do anything. Shoots.

That’s all from me. Pretty soon ma’s coming out with some ‘ono grinds.

A Hui Hou!

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