The Sunday Review: Pessoa Turnout Sheet


I don’t own the Pessoa Turnout sheet but I have had the chance to have one here and seen several used.

Pessoa makes a series of plaid turnout sheets and blankets.  While I was fostering Zeno Bay I used one on him regularly.  The sheet was lightly used when it came to me.  It was the clay/teal plaid in size 78″.
The outer shell of the sheet is 1200 denier so it’s pretty durable.If you’re buying new Pessoa offers a 2-year warranty on the fabric and a 3-year warranty on the waterproofing.

As with many other brands the sheet has two buckles on the chest, 2 diagonal surcingles, and 2 rear leg straps.  The sides of the sheet are long and cover even a wider horse well.
The sizes are available from 70″ up to 84″ and there are 6 different colors you can choose from.


  • Warranty on fabric and waterproofing
  • The color options, I really appreciate the attractive designs and color choices
  • Waterproof yet breathable
  • Fits well and moves with the horse nicely



  • Limited sizes: By offering sizes from 70″-84″ Pessoa is limiting the horses that can be outfitted.  I have seen many horse owners struggle to find blankets for their small and large horses.


  • Schneider’s Saddelry
  • Weatherbeeta
  • Dover’s Rider’s International
  • Tough-1
  • Rambo

Final Word:


I really like the Pessoa sheet.  It’s a great quality sheet.  It’s durable, waterproof, breathable, attractive, and fits well.

The market is currently flooded with a lot of great brands and options.  For that reason Pessoa is not my first choice, but it is an excellent choice and I’d happily own one.  I really don’t have anything bad to say about it.

The reason behind my “1st choice” is mainly because I am frugal and look to get the  most for my money.  With Pessoa retailing around $150 or more I would be more likely to pay a little more and purchase a Schneider’s sheet with it’s lifetime warranty during one of their sales.  At the same time, I find the Pessoa to be more visually appealing than most blankets.  I had always thought about buying the royal blue one for Blade.

If you want to check out what Pessoa has to offer visit for yourself at:


  1. Love the colour, it is really hard to find a descent rug & be frugal isn’t it. We had a standard bred many years ago (Sweety) & it was so hard to find a rug that didn’t look like a mini skirt. Our Zina has a new winter rug cant remember the brand it has reflectors sewn into it so if she was ever to bust out the paddock for any reason at night at least she would be seen by traffic. It took our dog a little while to get used to the walking light in the paddock. lol. Have great weekend.

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    1. Oh the reflectors are a great idea. I believe the Schneider might have that, not a lot though but I remember one of the blankets out there reflecting ever so slightly. I’m surprised more rug makers havent though of that.

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