Tiger’s Tales: Cart Before the Horse?

Oh mom.  Silly mom.

I love her.

She’s ALWAYS up to something, I tell you. She won’t slow down.


Last week mom rushed off on a rainy day to go look at something someone was selling.  By the end of the week a big white trailer shows up.  The humans parked it and left it there.

Mom bought a trailer.


She doesn’t even own a truck!

Mom tells me the trailer is in good shape and was offered at a great price and was precisely what she wanted. She says the timing may be off but it will work out.

At least mom has what she wants and knows what size truck she will need to haul the trailer.

Still it seems to me like a modern day cart before the horse (the truck being the horse…and yes I see the irony).

Mom’s new trailer is pretty neat.  It is a 2000 Merhow 2-Horse Slant gooseneck trailer with a small living quarters.



Now mom can take Nahe and I places and even camp.  She will have a bed in the upper gooseneck area.


She also has a shower, stove-top, sink, and a refrigerator.

Her saddles will ride in the back of the trailer.

It seems Bardi wants to come camping with us too.


The trailer also came with an awning so mom can roll it out to get some shade.


Mom has never hauled anything before so she swears to find a truck with the correct hauling (and stopping) capacity and spend lots of time learning to maneuver long  before we ever get on board.

It might be a little while before mom feels comfortable enough to take me places on her own but I trust that she will do a great job.

Not the same trailer, but I’m ready to go!


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