The Sunday Review: Dumor 3 Tier Saddle Rack

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If you celebrate Easter, happy belated Easter!  I am posting The Sunday Review a bit late this week….the weather has been beautiful lately and as the farmers say…make hay while the sun shines.

I have had my hands full on the homefront.  Sadie is coming along nicely in training, the boys are getting exercise, and I’m building more and more.

It’s important to me that you know I haven’t forgotten about you or about The Sunday Review!  So here it is!

This week’s Sunday Review: The Dumor 3 Tier Saddle Rack


his week I’m stepping into the tack from to talk to you about the Dumor 3 Tier Saddle Rack.  I bought this saddle rack before moving Blade home.  I chose a stand because we didn’t yet have a barn so I didn’t have a permanent place to keep the saddles.  I wanted something portable but also something that had a small footprint.  I was also on a limited budget…we had just bought a house, bought all the fencing and round pen for the horses, and were planning the build for the run-in shed over the summer.  Money was tight but it was necessary to have something that could protect my riding gear.

I purchased the rack at Tractor Supply Company which regularly retails for $79.99.


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The Dumor 3-Tier Saddle Rack looks nice, easy to assemble, and is lightweight at only 36 pounds (16kg).  At its max height, the saddle rack stands 68.25″ high (5’8″ or 173cm for the rest of the world).  Each saddle rack measures 28.5″ deep (~72cm). Three saddles fit nicely on the stand…Western or English.

That said, the rack is rated for 25 pounds (11.3kilos); if your western is the heavy type, you’d want to store it on the bottom rack which is supported both in front and back.

The frame is made of 1.5″ tubular powder-coated steel.  The top two tiers swivel so you can have the saddles sit offset if you prefer.

I don’t have a photo to share but the stand features three hooks on the back.  It can be used for bridles but I prefer to hang my girths/cinches there; the girths are 52″ and don’t drag on the ground.

Also not pictured is a vented saddle pad rack that sits on the bottom of the stand.  As you can see in the photo I have a wall-mounted saddle pad rack so I utilize the space differently now.

I love this saddle rack and it’s been good to me so far.  I actually have 4 saddles sitting on it at the moment and it makes life so much easier.



  • The shape of the saddle racks
    • Some saddle racks can be rigid and hard on a saddle.  The wooden slabs sit awkwardly and damage the flocking of the saddle.  All of my saddles sit nicely on this saddle rack and I haven’t noticed any damage to the shape underneath my saddles.
  • Swivel Function
    • I love the ability to swivel the top two racks.  It gives the rack versatility in many situations/tack room setups.
  • Bridle Rack
    • Not all tiered saddle racks offer this feature but you get it with the Dumor saddle rack.  Three saddles, and three hooks.
  • Saddle Pad Rack
    • Another feature that isn’t offered in competing brands.  The saddle pad rack is a v-shaped metal wire frame you can store your saddle pads on that sits below the bottom saddle.
  • Three Saddles
    • Instead of store one or two, you can store three saddles vertically to save space.
  • Four Rubber Foot Pads
    • Rubber footpads are included to prevent scuffing if you are lucky enough to have a tack room with floors you want to protect
  • Affordable
    • While competing brands cost over $100 the Dumor 3-Tier Saddle Rack regularly retails for $79.99 at Tractor Supply Company.  I purchased it on sale for $53.99.
  • Lightweight
    • The whole rack only weighs 36 pounds.  If you can carry a bale of hay you’re all set.
  • Easy to Assemble
    • I had this whole saddle rack assembled in only 10 minutes.  I have also moved it several times and it’s very easy to move piece by piece.  I simply remove the top tier, middle tier and move the bottom tier wherever I need to go.


  • Bridle hook on the back can be inaccessible
    • The bridle hook is located on the back of the rack.  It makes sense, yes, but it is often facing a wall or a corner.  Sometimes it’s not very accessible.  This is why I simply use the hooks for my girths.
  • Saddlepad rack not great
    • Most barns have mice.  I prefer to keep my saddle pads away from the ground where mice can easily reach and use for winter nesting.
  • Not easily portable
    • I love that I can move the stand in 3 simple pieces, but if you’re looking for a stand to take with you on the go this is not the rack for you.
  • Has a footprint
    • I wanted this stand because I didn’t have a permanent home for my saddles…and even now the walls aren’t thick enough to mount racks.  If you are looking to save space and have the option to hang from your walls, I still recommend opting for wall mounted racks.



  • Normal folding saddle racks
    • These cost about $30 on average and hold one saddle.  They aren’t fancy and only hold one saddle (or of course many stacked) but they fold up.
  • Dumor 2-Tier Portable Saddle Rack
    • The portable option comes with wheels you can roll your tack around on.
  • Wallmounted Saddle Racks
    • If you have the option to hang, that’s something to consider.
  • Stateline Tack
    • The 3-Tier Saddle Display Rack SLT312058 (Reg 132.00) is a direct comparison to Dumor’s.  The top racks swivel but there is no saddle pad rack or bridle hook included.
  • Chick’s Saddlery
    • Similar to Stateline’s 3 Tier Saddle Rack Chick’s Saddlery sells a product TSR248 for $139.95 and it too does not feature bridle hooks or saddle pack rack.
  • Schneider’s Saddlery
    • For 185.99 you can get a 3 Tier Easy-Up Saddle rack from Schneider’s Saddlery (#21492).  Again, no saddle pad rack, no bridle hooks.  But you DO get a 5 Year Warranty against breakage!

Final Word:

I would buy the Dumor 3-Tier Saddle rack again in a heartbeat.  The stand is tough and durable.  It’s lightweight and easy to assemble.  It stores three saddles comfortably and also gives me a place to hang my girths.

The saddle rack is the best option for having limited space with no ability to hang from a wall.  I can move this with me anywhere should I move barns with no major deconstruction required.

The best part?  It cost me half what I would have paid the competition for a similar product.

The Dumor Saddle Rack is for me and fits my situation perfectly.

If you want to get your hands on your own, use my affiliate links to visit the Tractor Supply website.


Tractor Supply Has All Your Daily Needs, Buy Online Pick Up In Store in an hour or less at Shop Now!


How do you store your saddles?

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