Tiger’s Tales: Spring Is On The Way

In case you didn’t know winter isn’t over yet.  I still haven’t had a lot of workouts and I’m still feeling a bit flabby.

Spring’s coming, though.

Mom’s been spending more time outside.  The two humans are still busy putzing around in the woods.  I still don’t know what they are up to yet.

As the weather gets warmer mom’s been getting better about taking me out to ride.  We haven’t had a saddle on in months but her neighbor gave us permission to ride the perimeter of the cornfield.

One nice springlike day we did just that.  Mom took me out and we walked the cornfield.

It was so cool!

We weren’t sure what to expect but mom had faith.  With a halter and a bareback pad we ventured out.


There was a lot of open land but we stayed by the edge.  Mom tells me the perimeter is just over 1 mile.


We walked the whole way even though I was excited.


We had a great time and I was feeling really good after.  Then she did it.

She took Nahe and LEFT ME HOME.



I mean, COME ON.  I could have gone for another lap but she took Nahe instead?

We’ve also been walking down the road a bit.  The side road is another mile’s walk and going down our street is 1.75 miles.


We’ve been riding sparingly since the weather won’t cooperate but our outings have been more frequent.  This week mom put on some strange hoof boots to protect my soles and we cantered bareback down the length of the cornfield.  It was glorious!


Mom must have some plans for us this year but I guess she’ll cover that later.

That’s all I’ve got for now, bros.  Until next month, stay warm, shed lots, and get PUMPED.

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