The Sunday Review: Rider’s International Blanket by Dover Saddlery

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The Rider’s International line of turnout blankets is a brand sold exclusively through Dover Saddlery.   I found this blanket in a bargain bin at the store for a fraction of the original price tag (Seriously I think I bought it for $28).  This is a discontinued item but the new version of this blanket is still available and called Rider´s International® by Dover Saddlery® Medium Weight Supreme Turnout Blanket.

The blanket is medium weight, coming with 200g of fill.  The exterior of the blanket is a 1200 denier ripstop teflon coated polyester material.

The blanket is fluffy and light yet keeps the horses quite warm.

The sides of the blanket are long and fit a wider frame or deep heart girth easily.


  • Fit
    • Blade was a large horse with a deep heart girth.  He had a nice wide build.  I have run into situations where the sides were too short on him.  For this blanket, however, the sides were nice and deep.
  • Price
    • I did a double-take when I found this blanket.  I know it isn’t quite fair that I am reviewing a blanket I found for $28 but the new version is just as great with a good price tag.  The blanket, new, is about $150.
  • Quality
    • I was very impressed with the quality of this blanket.  I have used it a couple of seasons now and it is still in remarkably good shape.



  • Length of belly straps
    • My only complaint about this blanket so far is the excessive length of the belly straps.  I don’t keep them tight to the belly but I prefer them to be close.  If horses lie down they can easily get a hoof caught in an overly loose belly surcingle.  The blanket I bought was always too loose in the belly for Blade even at it’s shortest setting.  I love how roomy the blanket is but I wish there was an option to tighten the fit.




Not specifically for the blanket itself but for turnout blankets in general:

  • Belly Surcingles crisscross.
  • Rear straps go around each leg, crisscrossing in the middle
  • Fit the belly surcingles relatively close to the barrel of the horse (no more than an inch or two of space preferably) to prevent legs getting caught.
  • Frequently remove the blanket and check underneath.  Check your horse for rubbing, healthy skin, healthy weight.
  • During inclement weather always check under the blanket to make sure the blanket is still waterproof.
  • Keeping blankets clean is crucial, but over-washing blankets can deteriorate the waterproofing.  Always make sure you are using the recommended detergent and follow care instructions to keep your turnout rugs looking good (I use Rambo Wash).


A few other brands you might have heard of:

  • Schneider’s AMRMORFlax Warrior VTEK ($229-339)
  • WeatherBeeta ($200-250)
  • Horseware Ireland’s Rambo ($300-450)
  • Tough-1 ($90-150)
  • Saxon ($70-100)

Final Word:

Dover’s exclusive brand Rider’s International makes high quality and affordable turnout blankets.  It is good quality, waterproof, breathable, and fits well.  I am not in love with the overly long belly surcingles but for the price, I paid it was 100% worth every penny.  I imagine I will get many more uses out of it before it bites the dust.

If you are interested in getting one for your own simply visit:


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