The Sunday Review: Shire’s H2Go Bag

Welcome back to The Sunday Review.  A biweekly review section NEW to 2020!

On this edition I am discussing The Shire’s Equestrian H2Go bag.


The H2Go bag is a blue plastic bladder that holds up to 19 gallons at once.  It is designed to sit in a wheelbarrow and make the transportation of water easier when a spigot or hose is difficult to reach.

The plastic is made to be UV-resistant.  It also comes with an anti slip mat to prevent it slipping when pouring.

When it is empty the H2Go bag is super thin, foldable and easy to store.

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To Use:

Using the H2Go bag is super easy!

Place the anti slip mat in the wheelbarrow.

Place the H2Go bag on top of the mat with the spout face UP and towards the END of the wheelbarrow.

Fill with water.

Wheel to bucket/trough and pour.


  • Affordable
    • It didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  In fact my receipt tells me I paid $20.69 for it.
  • Simple
    • You don’t need crazy technology.  Simply put it in a wheelbarrow and go.
  • Carries moer than the average bucket
    • While a bucket holds 5 gallons of water, this quadruples it.
  • No carrying needed.
    • Buclets are heavy but rolling 20 gallons is much easier.


  • Durability
    • The reason I don’t really have any photos to show you is because it broke the 2nd time I used it.
  • Anti-slip mat didn’t work
    • The bag fell right out of the cart I was using.
  • Spout doesn’t pour as shown.
    • As the water didn’t spout for me.  It spewed.  It was impossible to get it into the bucket without loads of work.


Instead of purchasing the H2Go bag what other options do you have?

  • The good old fashioned carry.
    • Two 5 gallon buckets full of water weigh 40 pounds each.  You can even get the ones at the hardware store that have lids.  It will take you 2 trips to bring the same amount of water out that the H2Go bag can do and you will be carrying 80 pounds.
    • Hands hurt?  Duct-tape some foam around the handles.

At least you can skip the gym?

  • Buckets in a cart.
    • Rolling them is better than carrying them, but if you aren’t on level flat land the water will splash around and might not be worth it (don’t forget you still can get the buckets with lids).
  • Power equipment.
    • If you have the access to an ATV or something similar it only makes sense to use it.  I personally use this method in winter.
    • I have three 5-gallon containers that used to contain canola oil.  I load those up and put them on my ATV and drive them where they need to be.


Final Word:

The Shire’s H2Go bag was a waste of money.  It didn’t work as well as it claimed to and it broke on the 2nd use.  The bag slipped out of the cart and didn’t pour nicely.  I had issues with it every second of the way.

My suggestion?
Find another solution.

I essentially threw a $20 bill in the trash with this purchase.  There aren’t a lot of products I would speak so poorly of but this one was a special case.  I found nothing redeeming about it.  My only hope is that perhaps I saved someone from having the same misfortune with it.

Next time I won’t write about a product I hate.

As always, thank you for visiting!  Remember to come back for Wordless Wednesdays as well as a new article every Thursday.  This week Tiger comes back for Tiger’s Tales!  The Sunday Review returns in 2 weeks with another product that I’ve tried.


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