Tiger’s Tales

Oh hi, hello.

Mom thinks that I should step in and fill the big guy’s shoes.  Instead of the Blade Chronicles you’ll now be hearing from me the first Thursday of every month.  Let’s call it “Tiger’s Tales.”He didn’t wear shoes but I guess that’s a saying humans use. 

Actually, I don’t have any shoes on either right now.  Mom thinks it’s best that my hooves have time to be natural.  I don’t see her plodding around barefoot on the hard ground.


At least we have had a lot of soft snow.

Blade and I enjoyed snow a lot.  We had a really fun time galloping through piles of it.  Snow is a great way to stay in shape.

But I guess you already know the whole story.  She talks a lot.

Screenshot_20191203-130720_Video Player

I’ve been doing pretty well.  Mom and I are connecting better and I really liked our most recent ride.  She took me out bareback in the halter.  No annoying saddle.  No freezing cold metal bit.  We walked around and even picked up a relaxed trot and a few canters.  I’m a bit out of shape though.

As moms sometimes do she pointed out my fat roll around my shoulders.



I’m looking forward to getting back to work as soon as possible.  I have been getting SO BORED.  The new guy, Nahe is super chill.  But I can’t play with him.  Mom says that since he came from Hawaii (years ago) he’s on “aloha time.” He’s so relaxed and hard to get a ride out of.


Seriously though, he’s actually pretty awesome and I love him.

Mom is still pretty sad about Blade.  I can tell they were close and I really can’t blame her.  She still smiles and laughs and gives me love but it’s not the same and I can just tell.

But she cares.

She really cares.

She came out after the latest snowfall with the most ridiculous looking halter I have ever seen.  It had noisemakers and it was bright and fluffy.  She seemed like she really wanted this so I let her put it on me.  I let her put the tiny leg wraps on me.  I even stood perfectly still for her to get photos…even with the dog.

Let’s just say I got a lot of treats out of it.

This year mom has a lot of plans to get more serious about riding and her fitness.  She realized how obnoxious her wiggly lower leg is at our last hunter pace.

20191103_070827Despite working overnight shifts that destroy her metabolism and getting poor sleep because of it she is eating healthier and exercising a lot.  She wants to go to more hunter paces and even take me to Equine Affaire.  She’s mentioned maybe taking me to her very first show but that’s sort of a “maybe” goal.

She has some big plans for us so I hope she can stay focused and accomplish those goals.

Did I mention that I look forward to working out again?

I’m an athlete, man.  I can’t take breaks like this.  I get soft and squishy.

Mares don’t want soft and squishy!

Screenshot_20191203-130625_Video Player

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