The Friends’ Final Frolics

It seems a rarity that we have snow so early in the season.  The past few years we have had snow in December but usually, it’s only a few inches.  On Sunday, December 1st this year we were clobbered with an unusually large storm that dropped about 20″ of snow on by Tuesday morning.

Once it stopped snowing I took the blankets off the boys.  They have halfway decent winter coats…could still use a bit more fuzz but I’ll take what I can get.

Within minutes of being naked and free they took to play!  These are the last photos I took of Blade and how wonderful it is that they were joyful ones.  This is the Blade that we will remember.

Screenshot_20191203-130652_Video Player
Catch me if you can!
Screenshot_20191203-125728_Video Player
Eat my snow!
Screenshot_20191203-130906_Video Player
Screenshot_20191203-130720_Video Player
What’s up, mom?

Tiger had a blast letting loose and getting some energy out.

Screenshot_20191203-130444_Video Player
Tiger full gallop
Screenshot_20191203-130148_Video Player
Tiger catching up to Blade
Screenshot_20191203-130625_Video Player
Baby-face Tiger
Screenshot_20191203-125629_Video Player
Time for Round 2!

and Blade enjoyed letting the snow fly!

Screenshot_20191203-130359_Video Player
Bold Beautiful Blade.
Screenshot_20191203-130113_Video Player
Blade showing Tiger who’s boss

Together they were a sight to see.  Strong and powerful.  Beautiful.  Glorious.  Happiness.

The brothers at play

They were also very silly.

Screenshot_20191203-131027_Video Player
High hoof!
Screenshot_20191203-130745_Video Player
Higher hoof!

If you’re overwhelmed by the beauty and grace let’s bring you down just a moment and get real.  Tiger showed his goofball side a little with his best derp face.

Screenshot_20191203-130853_Video Player

Bardi also had some fun in the snow.  We actually needed to snow-blow a path for him because he had so much trouble getting around.  Something about a black and white dog against the pure white snow looks so good.


Blade was an amazing horse with a huge heart.  

These are the memories that I will cherish for life.

These are the memories that I will remember Blade by.  



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