Blade Chronicles: I Prefer My Water Crystal Clear

I’m under the impression that mom brags about me a lot.  I mean, what’s not to love?

Something that she’s always been proud of is what she calls my “healthy thirst.”  I guess some people worry about their horses not drinking enough.  I’ve always enjoyed water; when I had a stall I was given two buckets each night and I always drank one (The other was my dunk tank for hay).


Mom’s always been a stickler for clean buckets.  She used to scrub the buckets of all eight horses at the farm when she did chores.  She has spent many hours refreshing our water in the summertime when it gets too warm.   Spent many hours scrubbing the troughs with kitchen scrub brushes for the grime to come back the next week (sometimes it only takes a couple days).


Scrub brushes only do so much when it comes to corners, nooks, and crannies.  Our stock tanks have a few tight corners and drain plugs where algae and growth can evade scrubbing.

That’s when mom was given an idea from one of her good friends.  Towards the end of summer, mom began preparing for the coming fall/winter months.  Mom gathered all three stock tanks and gave them an even deeper clean. 

With a cheap pressure washer she bought for $70 at a Memorial Day Sale she began spraying the tanks.  She was amazed by how quick and easy it was!


Three stock tanks. 

Thirty minutes.

No scrubbing.

No chemicals.

No hassle.

The spray of the pressure washer was able to reach tight spaces that mom’s old scrubber couldn’t manage.

After she was finished the water was crystal clear and I made sure to be the first to taste it.  It was DIVINE!  It also seems to stay cleaner longer when she washes it this way.  I guess since more scum has been removed there is less available to reproduce.




If you want to do the same for your four-legged loved ones all you need is a simple electric pressure washer.  Mom bought the AR Blue Clean 1600psi washer at Ace Hardware but she thinks any similar product will do the trick just fine.

For mom this was how she made it work:

  • Straight from the box attach the wand to the pressure washer body.  She used the extended handle so she could stay as far away from the backsplash as she could.
  • Attach the hose (turned off) to the back of the pressure washer.  Once it is firmly attached test the connection by turning the hose on.  It took mom many tries to get a good seal, it was stubborn and wouldn’t secure properly.
  • When she finally had the hose secured she plugged the pressure washer into an outlet far enough away to not get splashed (the cord is long).
  • With the pressure washer OFF and the water ON pull trigger to bleed the lines of trapped air.
  • Turn on the pressure washer and wait for it to build pressure.  The machine will hum as it builds.  When it goes silent mom began.
  • Every now and then mom went a bit too long with the pressure washer and it gave out to build pressure back up.  If you keep the sprays in smaller bursts you should have no trouble.

When mom was finished she turned the washer off and unplugged it.  She turned the hose off and pulled the nozzle trigger to empty the lines before she disconnected the hose and tucked it back away.

The whole ordeal did not take long and she was able to move on to more important things; like loving on ME!

Screenshot_20190904-080611_Video Player

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