The Blade Chronicles: My New Brother

Welcome to October and another edition of The Blade Chronicles, where I, Blade, get to lend my perspective the first Thursday of every month.

By now mom has introduced you to my new brother (The Green Horseman’s Latest Quest, then Sunday Special: Announcing My New Horse!).

Tiger/R Tom Cat arrived at my home Friday morning.  while Zeno Bay, Vai Via, and I digested our breakfast and nommed on some fresh hay nets in the barnyard.  He came walking in, strutting his stuff.  Nervous, aware, and unsure of his new surroundings.


Mom had already placed a pile of fresh hay in the paddock with a flake of alfalfa for him.  He stopped to nibble but he wasn’t settling down entirely.  She visited with him and he followed her around the paddock but she had work to do.  Towards the afternoon mom decided to officially introduce the two of us.

My new baby brother is just that.  He’s a baby.  He was very touchy-feely.  Whatever I did he did.  I drank water.  He drank water.  I ate hay.  He ate hay.  I want to say I was annoyed and I tried to play it cool but it’s a nice feeling to be the respected elder for once.


I remember back when mom brought me “home” for the very first time.  I liked her a lot already from when she visited the farm.  She took a few lessons with me before bringing me home.  Still, the first move was the hardest.  New home.  New MOM.

2015 Before Mom became MOM

It took us a while to figure each other out.  I’m mom’s first and she made a lot of mistakes with me.  She tried her best.  In the end, she’s turned into a great mom and I love being with her.  I know she does what’s right for me and in return I’m showing Tiger that life here will be a great one.


Tiger isn’t used to living outside.  We haven’t had any really terrible weather yet but he’s adjusting to the life well.

Mom has ridden Tiger a couple times already.  She even built a bunch of new jumps the backyard.


I watched her ride Tiger and can see why she chose him.  I know she still loves me but I admit I have my limits.  She’s already conquered 2′ and an oxar at home and it was easy peezy for him.

They work really well together.

To show me that I have not been cast aside mom took me out too to give her #1 boy for one on one time.  We did my favorite…liberty!

Mom doesn’t trust easily but over the years we’ve developed a great bond and sense of trust.  Mom began me doing liberty again right in the backyard.  No lead ropes.  No fences.  Just us.  I showed her that I’m still the same perfect boy as always.


After a few circles she decided to get the saddle out.  I was open to it.  Seeing her with Tiger made me a tad jealous.  I let her tack me up at liberty and we went on our way.  We had such a great ride.  There were no bugs.  No shadows.  My photosensitivity wasn’t causing me trouble.  We moved perfectly together.

Everything was going so well and mom and I connected as one.  She looked at a small crossrail that she had set up barely a foot off the ground.  Just like that we turned and trotted toward it.  We hit our stride perfectly and cantered off.

I did it.

Take that, Tiger.

Mom coddles me a lot and blames my conformation.  Yes I have twisted legs, my shoulder is a bit tight and too much riding gives me hip pain.  But I’ve come a long way since she stopped riding me in lessons.  I live outside and get regular exercise.  I do a lot of hill work.  I feel perfectly fine.  I was so happy that mom believed in me to do this.  We took the crossrail at a canter.  Again…perfectly.

At this point, I could not contain myself.  I was so happy!  She brought me down to a trot and steered me around the jumps again.  But I kept angling myself to show her I was ready for more.

We turned around and I thought we’d do them but still she insisted on picking up a trot.  Then a canter.  Just as I gave up thoughts of jumping the cross-rail again she pointed me at it and let me go.

Mom told me not to expect to do a ton more but I’m ready.  I can do it and she knows I’ll tell her when I can’t.  I’m ready to ride, mom!



    1. I’m now convinced Blade is a saint. He may have his moments but he tolerates others more than I have seen in any other animal. Danny sounds a lot like Zeno Bay when I first introduced him to Blade. Zeno eventually accepted Blade (in Blade’s own home) and they grew to be great pals.


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