Chilly Mornings

Before Tiger/TomCat came home we began getting a glimpse of fall with mornings dropping to the mid-low 40s (Fahrenheit).   As the temperatures descend the horses find more energy to run and play.

The boys get especially excited on mornings as I come home from work.  They see my car pull in and begin to wait by the gate for me.  As I approach on the ATV Vai Via often paws the ground in excitement making squealing/nickering sounds.  Lately they’ve been so excited they begin to run and play.

One morning Zeno Bay reared straight up.


Last week I came home and everyone was eager with excitement.


As I began my way up the hill to feed the boys they followed along.  Butts were flying!


Mornings like this fill me with joy.  These horses are so happy and so comfortable.

It’s a short post today but I hope you enjoy these photos and video and have an amazing day!


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