Horses With Different Vocations

While on my vacation Zac and I had a chance to get out together and enjoy the county fair.  Last year was our first time attending this particular one.  We enjoyed all the same attractions but they were still just as good the second time around.

At the fair this year I had a chance to reflect on the fact that there are so many more jobs a horse can have that are unique and out of the norm.  When we think of horses we think of lessons, camps, rodeos, horse racing, hunter/jumper, dressage, eventing, trail riding, ranch work, driving.  What about performers?  Liberty horses? Mounted Patrol horses?  Therapy horses?

Just like last year our county fair hosted Cirque Ma’Ceo, a group that travels the country to perform with a gypsy-like theme. 

This year’s performance was just as entertaining as last year, the performers both animal and human showed incredible talent and hard work.  The horses were very well cared for and very well behaved.

The first horse to step onto the stage was a tall gorgeous Fresian.  Fresians are simply majestic…long flowing mane and tail.  Fluid movements.  It’s easy to get mesmerized.


After the introduction, the Fresian performed a dance with a beautiful dancer.  They did the Spanish walk together.  I was amazed by the horse’s energetic movements as he spun and twirled with the dancer (I also thought of her feet with those thin slippers!).


The act led into a beautiful aerial acrobatic performance and the Fresian made his way out of the scene.


It’s difficult to remember the order of everything but we also saw a sassy little pony.  The mime kept the audience engaged and did a routine with this pony.  As they made their entrance the pony had other plans.  Instead of chasing the mime into the ring he turned left and ran out of the big top tent and around to the trailer area.  Though we were entertained and laughing I empathized with the crew; I can imagine it was stressful.  Loose horses of any size are not something we love to deal with.

The pony returned and continued his sassy performance.  He chased the mime and ran through his legs, nipping a little as they went (no real biting contact).


There was also trick riding and vaulting using a number of large barrel-shaped draft horses.  I didn’t capture any remarkable photos but some of the tricks were intense.  Some wore blindfolds.  Another performed the tail drag, hanging her body behind the horse’s hind end.


At the end, they wrapped the show up with some Roman riding and added people to a total of 4 riders on these horses. As you can see these horses are large, in great shape, well cared for, and the people were no issue for them for the 30 seconds of carrying they did.


There were very talented human performers without horses as well.  One woman worked a hula hoop like I’ve never seen before.  I don’t know how many she had going at once but it was jaw dropping.


There was another acrobat who used two ropes to twirl and show his strength and skill.  He was also very talented and the coordinated strength required to do those tricks is inspiring.  There were a couple of young girls sitting next to us that were big fans of this guy, they cheered the loudest for him (it was adorable).


After the performance, we enjoyed some fair food and watched the tractor pulls.  Now that we have a tractor of our own we really appreciate these events.



..and of course we saw the emus!


This was a much-needed date for Zac and I.  We enjoyed our time together and I had the chance to enjoy some performing equines.

There are so many vocations a horse may have.  We think of traditional riding but if you think about it there are a lot more things a horse can do.  We often see people selling their horses because their horse simply doesn’t enjoy what they do.  Maybe that barrel horse actually wants to jump.  Maybe that jumper would rather trail ride.  Maybe the cow-horse wants to patrol.  Or that racehorse that would be happier in therapy.

These horses were so well trained and in great condition.  They were quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of the fair.  Focused despite being in new places all the time.  I was really impressed by these equines and their handlers.

Blade hates arena riding.  He is much happier in nature where there’s more to see and enjoy.  He also enjoys liberty work.

Have you ever had a horse that didn’t enjoy his/her job?  How did you respond?


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  1. That looks like a fun event! Normally vaulting makes me cringe but that looked really well done on both horse and rider! I’ve had a few horses who didn’t like the job they started out in and I got a few horses who hated their job and ended up with me. I’m a ‘Jill of All Trades” riding wise so I can usually figure out where a horse excels at. My current horse Beaux was a racehorse of the trotting variety and LOVED his job. He did not do well as a nonracing horse for the first couple of years until we figured each other out and he finally gave up on the trailer taking him back to the track. He hates arenas and much prefers trails and exploring the world so we spend way more time burning up the miles and finding new places to go. Once a horse finds their job, the change is incredible.

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    1. I love the “Jill of all trades!” I’ve never stuck with one discipline and have been exploring mounted archery, cow sorting, hunter paces, etc outside of hunter/jumper. It definitely helps when us the humans can be versatile!

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  2. I had a Trakhener mare years ago who did not like dressage. I sold her to a young man who found she loved to jump and went on to compete successfully in that discipline. I like your photos of all these talented horses!

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  3. Glad you had a nice break. Friends of ours were looking after a beautiful Friesian mare my son was giving it a scratch on the back & as he went to leave the paddock she blocked him as she wasn’t done with the scratch yet. Beautiful majestic animals.

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