The Blade Chronicles: Mama’s Boy and Proud of It

This is my favorite time of year.  The bugs are going away.  My face doesn’t hurt me.  It’s not too hot.

This is the time of year when I really love to spend time with mom.  I don’t mind working.  I don’t mind getting smoozles and cuddles.  I love my massages, my scratches, and pretty much everything.  Life is good.

Mom had last week off for vacation.  She was super busy getting stuff done (Vacation Means Getting Stuff Done) but she also made lots of extra time to hang out with me and the boys.

We have had some really great rides lately.  The most recent wasn’t really wonderful but we made it through.  I really am not a fan of evening riding, at least for the latest work session.  The lighting during sunset can sometimes bother me; we managed through it.  It was also a couple weeks since our last ride so I was pretty excited about getting out and going.  I LOVE to work!

Despite some of our arguments mom and I shaped up and became a good team….at least enough to get some good photos and video.


Mom’s also really been on my case about finishing breakfast.  She complains that I’m a slow eater.  Should I remind her that I choked a few times last year?  I take as long as I want now on my meals.  I like to savor my food.  There is so much to enjoy.  The hay stretcher, the beet pulp, the supplements, alfalfa, flax seed. Zeno Bay and VaiVia both eat pretty much the same stuff but they are done long before me so mom separates us. When they are finished they come over and wait like vultures.  I don’t mind though.  We call it breakfast club and we discuss the plans for the day.


Mom even wets it down so it’s like cereal. She and I sometimes enjoy cereal together.


Either way I don’t mind the fact that she stands with me and grooms me or gives me scratches while I eat.  Morning scratches and cuddles are the absolute best!


It’s also beginning to get chilly at night.  Mom had our barnyard done by a pro and now it’s super nice and stays dry.  The other day mom saw rain in the forecast and let us finally go use the barn for the first time since.  The mats felt so nice and we happily weathered the storm and stayed dry all night long.


I’ve got to admit it.  I’m a mama’s boy.

But there’s nothing wrong with that right?

Screenshot_20190826-192556_Video Player




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