Blade Chronicles: Springtime Exercise

Today marks the one year anniversary of my being home with mom.  One year ago today Happy and I set foot on the property.  One year ago mom made the leap toward having a horse property.  Now I get to see her every day, multiple times per day.  Sometimes I don’t really think I like that idea, particularly if there is a halter in her hand, but most days I love seeing her.  Although Happy has moved back to her home I am thriving with Zeno Bay and VaiVia.  The boys have helped me learn to enjoy the space, explore the woods, and be a horse.  I even lead the herd sometimes!


This spring has had mom quite frustrated it seems.  It has been unusually wet this year and our paddocks are very muddy.

Mom is doing her best to let the grass grow in the lower paddock so the amigos and I spend a lot of time up on the hill.  She lets us come down to the barn to get out of the rain and put up some temporary fence to keep us off the grass.  I sure hope it grows fast!


When we do have dry weather mom has been determined to get us out and riding.  She tells me she’s been going to the gym a lot this winter and I make her chase me to get her even more exercise.  Mom says “this is the year.”  This is the year for what though?

Really, mom?  Not my best angle, I have my winter coat AND my winter bod.  Put down the camera!

Last week we had some nice weather so mom took all three of us out for a ride.  We rode for about 20 minutes each, which was plenty because my fat bum got SWEATY!  We mostly walked and trotted and spent only a brief amount of time cantering but I’m just as out of shape as mom is.  I’m glad she knows to ease us back into work.  I may give her a hard time but I know she really cares.

Twenty minutes and I’m a sweaty mess.


This was VaiVia’s first ride under saddle since coming to our farm.  Mom has been really happy with his progress.  He was a little nervous here when she was saddling him but it turned out to be a very productive ride and he relaxed a lot.  Her goal with him is to help him relax and be at ease.  He’s made some incredible breakthroughs in the last couple weeks, but I think mom plans to tell you about that next week (so stay tuned).


This was Zeno Bay’s first ride with a western saddle since coming to the farm.  Mom always says that he’s the trustworthy one but now that he’s gained some weight he has a lot more energy.  He pleasantly surprised her with a forward trot.  When she asked for a canter he decided to throw some fresh hops at her.  She stayed on with no issue and actually laughed at his playfulness.  When I do that I get reprimanded.  Hmph.  He’s still quite arthritic and needs top-line so her goal is to help him use his body better and gain more muscle to support his back and hips. She does stretches with him, she has us walk the hill, and when they ride she works on transitions and head-set.

I will have it be known that I did EVERYTHING mom asked and did not cause ANY issues.  I even cantered without bucking.  I was PERFECT.  Well. mostly.  About twenty minutes in I started getting irritated.  Moving from sun to shade really made it worse.  Mom calls it “headshaking” and is taking steps to help me feel better.  So all in all I did everything in my power to be a good boy and mom was really good to know when to stop.  Mom’s goal for me is to trail ride and she’s mentioned something called obstacles.  Not sure how that will go but I’ll let her try these antics I guess.


After riding all of us shed out a little more and we love our grooming sessions.  We are currently all in the awkward half-shed phase.  Our bums, chests, and necks are sporting the new summer look but our bellies are still holding on the the winter fuzz.

We also really enjoy grazing in the backyard.  After our ride mom lets us nosh on fresh grass.


Finally the sun sets.  Mom feeds us dinner and spends just a bit more time with us on the hill.  The peepers begin to peep, the light fades, and that’s the end of a really nice day here on our humble farm.


One year on mom’s farm.  It was a rough beginning and a tough summer but I learned that mom wasn’t getting rid of me after all.  She uprooted me, yes, but she has put so much effort into giving me a good life here.  I have food all day long.  Lots of space.  Home is very peaceful.  I get to see mom daily.  She does whatever she can to keep my friends here.

Life is good.


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