The Blade Chronicles: My Birthday

I know it’s the day you’re all waiting for.  It’s MEEEE Blade!

I turned 11 years old (officially) on Tuesday, April 2nd.

Mom had to work but made sure to give me a few extra pats and love.

When mom came home from work Tuesday morning she wished me a happy birthday and spent some time with us.  We gave her a lot of wacky photos and then she went inside to sleep for a while.

When she woke up she came out bearing doughnuts and fruit salad!  The fruit salad consisted of canned peaches, canned mango, apples, and carrots.  The doughnuts were powdered (the best), apple cider (pretty good), and apple pie filled (not a fan).  The three of us shared everything, but none of us really liked the apple pie doughnut so we allowed mom to have a bite.  Bardi was picking up all the dropped pieces too so everyone got some of the action.  It was a total birthday party!

Sadly mom had to go to work so the party ended and she left us for the night.

The day after (yesterday) mom did something different and “tied” us to the ATV.

In reality she took a bale of hay in a hay net, tied it to the ATV with baling twine, and put out lead ropes loosely through some baling twine so we weren’t REALLY tied.  Mom wanted to test us and see if we could all stand together and munch while she doted on us.

The three of us stood around eating hay in the morning sun while we had a spa day…and YES we “tie” very well together.


Mom gave us a full work-up.  Dirt removal through several rounds of curry and brushing, de-shedding, and even some really nice detangler for our manes and tails.

We were the best smelling set of pregnant geldings this land has ever seen.

Just as mom was finishing up our grooming session our farrier came by to give us pedicures.  I was feeling generous so I decided not to cooperate and not to poop on him this time.

I know it’s usually the moms and ladies that get pampered and fluffed but I think I discovered their secret.  I FEEL SEXY!


Last week the weather was beautiful, too.  We all enjoyed some warm sunny days and we REALLY enjoy rolling in the mud.

Mom had a hard time sleeping but came out to see us Thursday afternoon.  She took Zeno Bay out first and groomed him, picked his feet, then took him for a bareback ride around the house, up the hill and through the woods.

Well if he can do it I most certainly can too!  I told mom, “Hey let’s go” so she took me out and we went around the house, up the hill and through the woods.  I only spooked twice, and just a little bit.

VaiVia saw that we both had a nice brushing and a ride and he decided he wanted to be part of the fun.  Normally mom brushes him and puts him away because he’s so nervous.  She’s gotten on him bareback a few times and every time he throws his head in the air and trots around nervously.  Anytime she puts leg on him he gets upset.  Anytime she applies pressure to the reins (usually just a halter with clip-on reins) he gets upset.  She typically stays on him for about five minutes until he lowers his head and simmers down; then gets off to show him riding isn’t a bad thing.

I could tell mom was ready to go back inside when we were finished but she took one look at VaiVia and it was almost like she heard him tell her he was ready.

She took “Little Man” out wearing his fancy new cob halter and he stood calmly to be brushed while nibbling on  hay….why didn’t “old man” or I think of that?


When she was done brushing him she looked at him and again, it was like she heard him tell her he was ready.  Instead of putting him back she put the lead rope around his neck and got on.

Little Man didn’t bolt.  He didn’t trot forward.  He raised his head a bit but lowered it after a couple of minutes.  She let him visit with us over the gate, offered him some more hay, then walked around the house.  He came back toward us looking even more confident then when he left us.  They went up the hill (and of course we followed in our paddock).  She took him through the woods just like she did with us.  He loved it!  She had him walk carefully and steadily back down the hill and then asked him to trek through the mud.  Zeno and I did it too but she really had to encourage us; he just did it.

I saw the look in mom’s eye right then.  She had an idea pop up in her crazy human brain.  She directed poor VaiVia right toward the stream.  Zeno and I are too smart for that we both refused to cross the wet babble monster.  Poor VaiVia crossed it without any hesitation.  I guess it seemed everything went OK because mom got really happy and they came back unscathed.  Probably just barely though.  I don’t think they realize how close to death they were.  I’m pretty sure he got more treats than I did.

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