The Blade Chronicles


HAY there.

I mean, put the hay there.  Slowly.  NOT TOO FAST.  I might get excited.


My mom has been so busy these past few weeks.  At feeding times she’s always trying to touch my face but jeez, I’m a dude, don’t embarrass me in front of the guys, ma!  You know I like my neck scratched, and my belly.  Hands off the handsome mug!

Sure I’ll kiss her and then she tells me I’m GROSS because my foods all over my face.  Doesn’t she realize how good this stuff is?  I’m just trying to help her realize this fact but I get no appreciation.


As I began before but got off topic…err, Thoroughbred…at chow time mom gives me hugs and tells me she misses me.  Apparently there’s a thing called holidays and stuff, and I guess that means she has to spend more time entertaining other two leggeds.  Eww.

She told me this morning that once the “holidays” are over that we’ll have some more quality time together again. I’m not certain I know what that means so the jury’s out on whether that’s a good thing or bad thing.

I’ll let the weather decide anyways.  That’s always the right idea…


Anyway, apparently I’m the star of this blog called The Green Horseman that began in 2017.  Apparently it took her only until now to realize the star needs to have a say!




Yes, I am Blade the one and only, and welcome to the BLADE CHRONICLES narrated by none other than ME!

My job here is to set the record straight from time to time; to keep mom honest and to tell you how I really feel about things.

If you want to ask me a question you can simply get in contact with mom or comment on any of The Blade Chronicles posts.  You can easily get to them because mom used her thumbs and made me my very own menu option under BLOG at the top of the page.  She’s good to have around for things.

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