Christmas Festivities

The company I work for manufactures microprocessors in the semiconductor industry.  Because of the high demands and nature of our business the plant never shuts down, not even for holidays.  If the holiday falls on your regular schedule you are expected to report in unless you take vacation time.

Christmas is no exception.  This year, as with last, I worked both Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Unfortunately that meant that I wasn’t able to visit my family and Zac was away at his mom’s.  Christmas outside of work was spent loving on Bardi, Kain, Miss, Blade, Zeno, and Vai. 

I still enjoy being festive, however, so we all wore ugly sweaters to work.  I broke out a medicine bottle and rigged my hair to emulate Cindy Lou Hoo from The Grinch.

Getting home Christmas morning to be greeted by my lovely fur kids was a wonderful Christmas.  Happy healthy animals!

Bardi, Kain, and Miss all enjoyed some shredded chicken with their food.

Warrior’s Blade, Vai Via, and Zeno Bay all enjoyed an extra serving of beet pulp/alfalfa mash and some carrots with their evening supper.  Blade and Zeno also greedily gobbled some peppermint candy canes while Vai Via snubbed his nose at them.  Instead, to make him feel loved, he was given some Stabul Nuggets that he enjoys.

The horses didn’t really know what to make of the Cindy Lou Hoo getup.  Serving breakfast they really didn’t want to get too close to me.  I managed to get Blade to take some selfies but as you might tell he’s not too into it.

Vai Via and Blade cantered around the paddock a little bit before heading up to hill to a less muddy area.  They enjoyed the sunny Christmas day and when I woke mid-afternoon I looked out the window to see Vai Via enjoying an afternoon nap in a big pile of hay.

Screenshot_20181225-074334_Video Player

After breakfast I came back inside to get shower and get ready for bed.  After my hair being up for nearly fourteen hours (twelve hour shifts, hour commute each way, plus feeding the horses) my hair took to resembling a cockatoo.


If you celebrate, I hope it was a most wonderful time.  What are some traditions that you get to enjoy on Christmas? Do you get to see friends and family?

Merry Christmas! 

Only one more post until the New Year so please check back Monday December 31st for this year’s final post.  Also, I am planning The Green Horseman for next year and I want to make it even better.  I have a semi-reliable computer now so I’m hoping I will be more consistent.

Will you help me by taking some time out to tell me what you liked (or or didn’t like) this year?

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As always, THANK YOU for stopping by and THANK YOU for being the most vital part of The Green Horseman!

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