Blade’s Resolutions

Last year I discovered the Horse Radio Network and tuned in for my first radiothon.  The HRN’s radiothon runs twelve hours straight from 9am-9pm (Eastern time) today, Monday November 26th.  During this event they give away a lot of fun prizes…over $5,000 worth!  To enter you can call in and answer the themed question.  The theme of this year is:

“If your horse could talk, what would his/her New Year’s Resolution be for 2019?”

People call in to sing, tell stories, or write poems like I’ve done.  The whole event is a grand production and a lot of fun to listen to.  Each hour brings a new theme a few of my favorite hours include Horses in the Morning, Heels Down Happy Hour, and Healthy Critters.  There are 12 hours of fun planned and tons prizes to win!

Unfortunately I missed my opportunity to call in early and read my poem so I am going to try calling in around 9am (if I don’t fall asleep) to read it live.  Perhaps you will hear me on there at some point if you tune in!

Click the ad below to listen in!

My name is Blade

My resolutions are made

To find and actually use shade


My coat bleaches out

And I stand there and pout

Because I’m bored and don’t want to hide out


I’ll stay away from the vet

Gastric tubes are a threat

And I don’t want my momma to fret


No colic, no thrush,

My food’s always mush

So no more choking on food in a rush


I’ll have a happy tummy

Cause my food is so yummy

I’ve beaten ulcers thanks to my mummy


I’ve set a smart goal

To have a daily roll

And eat all of the food in my bowl


Mosquitoes are a pain

Swishing my tail all in vain

Leaves me wishing and praying for rain


But the ticks are much worse

Lyme is a curse

But my mom makes an excellent nurse


This year will be grand

On mom’s lovely land

I think of all the treats I have planned


I’ve got Z and V

Three amigos are we

God bless all of the OTTBs


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