Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my United States readers and welcome to my obligatory gratitude post.  The only reason I say “obligatory” is because I do my best to give thanks every day for the ones I love and for the things I’m blessed with.  I do admit, however, that it is very easy to get lost in all the hustle and bustle of today’s society.  Every now an then it is nice to stop and take a moment to truly reflect on just how beautiful our lives can be.

I began to make a list and realized it was simply to large.  What a wonderful problem to have.  So I will keep this as brief as possible; it is a non-exhaustive list.

  • Zac, my boyfriend: Though we aren’t married (yet, hopefully?) Zac and I share a deep relationship. We are best friends and our bond goes beyond reach of words.  In our six years together he has supported me and pushed me to become the person I am today.  Because of Zac I am a better person.  He has loved me through good and bad times and he’s demonstrated (and restraint?) patience on my really bad days.  He’s taken much of his time to help me pursue my dreams, this year he has been actively building the barn for my horse.  Zac had never expressed displeasure or disdain for my wild love of horses and has encouraged me to continue doing new things.  From personal and friends’ experiences I have learned it is difficult to be horse crazy and date; men don’t like to compete for our attention.  Zac has never complained; has never given me an ultimatum “me or the horse” and I have peace knowing he never will (and because of that I’d choose him).  Zac is not without his flaws, of course, but we make such a great team to make life the best we can.  I’m so thankful for him every day.20180406_121627
  • Zac’s mom and “meemee” (and all of his other influencers in life): Zac had a wonderful team of support in life growing up.  I am so thankful for heir kindness and compassion that they have passed on through him.
  • My parents:  Though divorced I have never felt the absence of love from either my mother or father.  At an early age my parents put me on a pony ride and that’s what began the “horse-crazy.”  When I was ten my mom, a single parent, put me into riding lessons.  When we could no longer afford lessons her friend, who I am also thankful for, brought me along to do stalls in exchange for riding.  My parents nurtured my obsession and did whatever they could keep my flame alive.  They have been supportive and have sacrificed much.
  • Steve Caporizzo:  A well known weatherman in our community who is a pillar in NY for animal advocacy.  He does his best to place homeless animals and expose animal cruelty.  Thanks to him I adopted Kain free of charge.  Though not “Green Horseman” related specifically Kain is a part of who I am and he’s my heart and soul.  I am thankful or my cat and grateful for Steve’s Pet Connection.  20150712_120637
  • Warrior’s Blade: and all of the players involved.  Blade’s story was a “right time right place” story.  I wasn’t looking but some students at the self defense school I taught at introduced me. I’m grateful to them, to the farm owner who allowed me so much time to get to know him and gave me lessons on him.  I’m grateful to his former owner for ensuring he had quality aftercare so he didn’t become a statistic on a meat truck. I’m thankful to Blade for pushing me to become a more patient person and for making me a better horseman. c90u6601
  • Miss Shadow Baby:  I am grateful for the day the young black six toed cat walked into the feed room in lieu of the barn cats.  She as made a wonderful spot for herself in our family.20171230_152524
  • Bardi I am thankful to have this amazing dog part of our seemingly growing family.  I’m also thankful to his former family for  trusting uswith him.  The decision to rehome him wasn’t easy for them and it was another “right time right place” moments that woks out perfectly.  He is the best dog I could have asked for and a wonderful farm dog.20181116_1151011070651439774807248.jpg
  • My incredible neighbors: We couldn’t have purchased a home in a better place. We are so very blessed with all of the neighbors surrounding us.  They have been helpful, friendly, and simply great human beings.  When we were without a lawn mower they helped us mow the lawn.  They have brought us food.  Helped us get out of sticky situations. They have lent us sanity and moral support as we get a grip on being first time homeowners.
  • Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation: When my trainer decided to take Happy home I feared for how Blade would react to being alone.  Many horses like solitude and I know many people who’s horses do just fine on their own, but I stressed (like I do).  I met Susan through a neighbor.  I wasn’t sure if my property would be suitable since I lack stalls and a proper riding arena but to my surprise Susan was able to place two wonderful geldings with me.  I’m grateful that foster programs exist to provide companionship while reducing the financial burden and I am grateful to play a role in helping this cause.
  • My Vet: I have had many conversations with my vet in the past few years and I am so appreciative of the knowledge and professionalism.  I am thankful that they are willing to talk me through things over the phone and answer questions without a barn visit.  This extra attention shows they care about the wellbeing of animals rather than just the money.
  • My farrier (and former farrier): When I moved I couldn’t take my original farrier with me because of the distance.  She was so knowledgable and a great friend.  My new farrier (I met through my neighbor) is also very knowledgable and a pleasure to talk to.  We often find ourselves chatting long after the trim is finished (back when it was just Blade and h only took 15 minutes to trim).  He has even donated a free trim for each of the foster horses Zeno Bay and Vai Via.  As the saying goes, “no hoof no horse.”  I am very particular about the professionals I let work on my horse and I am so blessed and thankful to know these two, who in my opinion, are among the best in their field.
  • My horse dentist: Too little attention is given to proper dental care in horses.  My equine dentist is friendly, compassionate, and very patient.  She has played a very important role in helping balance Blade and keeping him sound and comfortable. She has also been incredibly helpful in educating me about dental care during our visits.
  • My health:  I am grateful to be functioning and in good health.  I am able to ride and do my barn chores without issue.  I often take this for granted until I read a story or watch a YouTube video that puts my perspective into place.  fb_img_15360092360063809378290096197594.jpg
  • My Job: Sure I’d love to make money in the horse industry, sure I’d love to own my own business, and sure I’d love to not have to work but in the end I am grateful to be employed.  I am grateful that I can provide for the animals in my life, pay my mortgage, and not worry about how I’m going to pay for that next meal.  This is another thing that can easily be taken for granted but without it I would have no way to keep this lifestyle.
  • My horse-y friends: The friends I have met along the way in the horse world have been an incredible blessing. They have inspired me and helped me accomplished a lot of my bucket-list goals.  I am often too shy to go try new things on my own but my friends have brought me along on their adventures and have given me wings to fly.  Thanks to my friends I have become a confident horse-owner, and I feel a good one at that.37975862_958614269326_6632898886350405632_n
  • My readers! Thank you for making it this far, for one.  Most of my family doesn’t even read.  Our lives are consumed daily with other things, people, agendas.  You taking time out of your busy life to read The Green Horseman means more to me than you know.  I enjoy writing  and hopefully I have been able to provide you education, entertainment, or maybe just an enjoyable break from the rest of the world.  If I’ve been able to provide any enjoyable moments he kindest thing you can do is comment on and share my posts.  I love hearing from you. Thank you, reader, for being here.

As the holidays arrive I have a few timely posts that will be popping up in a short period of time outside of the normal Thursday mornings.  Make sure to come back and catch them all!



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