Spending Money Like Ouch

The past week was expensive, but isn’t that the joy of horse ownership?

Last Saturday a few friends and I attended the Greene County Horseshoe Supply’s big tent sale.  We enjoyed some wonderful specials and I came home with a new winter coat and some half chaps.  In addition we went into the boot barn and tried some on.  To my surprise I found a pair of boots that I liked and they fit.

And just like that I have my very first ever pair of cowboy boots!

In addition to the less necessary things I stocked up on food for the three amigos.  I got a new load of hay delivered (I can only store 60-70 bales so I get a new load every month) and right after that I picked up my load of alfalfa, beet pulp, and hay stretcher.  Was it necessary to purchase so many bags? No.  But Tractor supply gives an extra 5% discount for 20+ bags.  Hence, I am experimenting with exactly that.  Three horses go through a lot of food!

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  1. I hear ya, best & only way to be broke. Congratulations on your new boots first ever they are sooo nice, my first pair are still on laybuy haha. I never understand people who wear them with their jeans over the top, show them off I will be who cares what the fashion is we pay big bucks for these suckers & I’ll be showing everyone..haha. Enjoy

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