A Needed Night Away

Last weekend Zac and I took a night away to New Hampshire for a friend’s wedding.  We didn’t realize it at the time but our mini escape was so needed.  We occasionally take a “date night” but we haven’t actually gone away in quite a while.

Saturday morning I spent a couple of hours to feed and groom the horses.  It was forecast to rain so I set up several hay bags and hung them in the barn.

Yes!  We finally have a usable run-in shed!  It’s not 100% but it’s functioning.

My wonderful cousin helped give me peace of mind by coming to the house to hang out with Bardi and keep an eye on the cats and horses.  I have done a lot of pet-sitting on the side and it was strange to be on the opposite end of the transaction.

Our hotel was beautiful and the bride was even more-so.  Despite the gloomy rainy day the ceremony was held outside at 4pm.  At this time the clouds dissipated and the sun shined brightly.  A soft breeze rolled through.  Everything was elegant and poetic to say the least.

We caught up with some of Zac’s great friends and had a wonderful time.  It didn’t take much to get us ready to dance.  We got up there and danced our shoes off…literally.  I needed to take my boots off because they kept folding under my feet!  We danced the night away and continued to catch up with friends after the reception ended.


Of course we can’t be in New Hampshire and not visit the ocean.  We got up the next morning and were surprised with the remarkable breakfast our hotel offered complimentary.  The breakfast bar was complete with eggs, corned beef hash, waffles, a variety or juices, cereals, and baked goods.  We ate breakfast and set out to Hampton Beach.

I had debated whether or not to share this personal get away with you since it isn’t horse related; but then Hampton Beach.  Few know this but horses are welcome on the beach during off season; October through April typically.  The first thing we spotted walking along the shore was a set of hoof prints.  Shod front hooves, barefoot hind legs.

After about 5 minutes we came across a pair of horses with their riders.  After that a group came along of at least 10 horses.  They are all privately owned.  It seemed there was a large group gathering and everyone brought their horses to enjoy a picnic on the beach.  I wonder if they are even aware of how fortunate they are to have this opportunity to even do such a thing.

Riding on the beach, particularly Hampton (since it brings back childhood memories), has been a dream of mine for quite a while.  I have searched for barns in New Hampshire that will help fulfill this dream and I have yet to find anything.

If it isn’t Hampton Beach I will make it happen….somewhere.

We walked all the way to the rockwall by the inlet and found a comforable rock at the very end where we could sit and soak up some sun.  Looking at Google Maps you can see just how far out we were!

We completed our visit with a nice lunch at Sea Ketch, a wonderful seaside restaurant with a heated enclosed deck on the second floor.  Pardon me while I get “basic female” on you and show off the food we ate….

On our way home we stopped on Hogback Mountain, a popular lookout in Vermont.  From this spot you can view 100 miles, seeing Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  Growing up my parents would often meet here to pick up or drop me off (NY to NH).

The view is phenomenal and you can visit the country store during open hours.  Across the street from the store is an old restaurant that has been abandoned for years.  To our surprise someone has finally begun making use of it.  The new place is called Beer Naked Brewery, which appears to have some great ratings.  We were in no position to stay and eat but plan to return for a date night someday.  Based on the location alone I hope this new place will succeed.  We grabbed a few shots and continued our journey home to the fur kids.

We finally returned home and everyone was very happy to see us.  The next morning the boys all enjoyed a papaya apple salad.  They are all enjoying the run in shelter and growing some great winter coats.  This coming weekend we are projected to see degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s too soon!

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