On to the Next One

We have two paddocks finally, the tractor’s working, the lawnmowers working.  The pool is open and the deck is stained.  We have been quite busy and we’ve actually been able to throw in a few days of fun.

Of course, there’s one big thing that still has yet to be done.  It’s still lingering above our heads like a black cloud.  Possibly the most daunting project yet.

Here in the northeast we are accustomed to some pretty cold winters and the horses are used to having a cozy stall to take comfort in.  At the moment we have a shade structure but it certainly does no good with protection from wind, rain, and snow.  I love it for the summertime since they get shade and ventilation but we still need to move on the winter protection.


A few weeks ago Zac and I submitted our application for a building permit.  Zac has spent many hours over the past few months researching and designing a great shelter for Blade and Happy.  He has considered all of my requests while keeping in mind cost and quality.  Our application was 18 pages long because he is simply that thorough.  To give you a sneak peak…

Zac’s design for our barn

The structure is 12′ x 20′ providing free access to a 12’x12′ run-in.  I will have a closed off 8’x12′ room for feed, blankets, and saddles.  It’s no stable but it will protect the horses from the wind and rain.  The barn is built on top of a thick pad of stone dust.  No digging foundations, no concrete.

Within two weeks of submitting our application I was holding the permit in hand.  I called our local stone quarry and had 9 cubic yards of stone dust delivered.  We set stakes out to outline the pad-site for the barn.

…and just like that we’re busy again.

Our wonderful neighbor has been allowing us to borrow his ATV and trailer so we can haul dirt and dust.

Our first step is to remove some of the topsoil.  We aren’t taking it all, just a few inches from the top.  The stone pad measures 22′ long and 14′ wide to allow a foot of cushion around the barn.  Originally the horses’ shade structure was originally placed where we are building.  We moved the shelter to the other paddock.  It’s also directly between two of the french drains.  From the horses compacting the area, the water draining, and the hot weather the ground is quite hard.  Zac took a pickax to the site and we’ve been shoveling it away in pieces.

Ignore the wood posts shown in the photos; I had turned the horses out in the paddock one day.  I used the boards along the string so the horses wouldn’t get caught up in it.

If you’re reading this post fresh I’m most likely outside still working on removing the dirt layer.  We have the ATV until this weekend so my hope is that it will be complete by then.

Once we finish removing 3-4″ of soil we will start piling on the stone dust!

The build is scheduled to commence in early July so stay tuned!

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