Overdue Update Part 6

Life on the farm isn’t all about the horses.

Along with my paddocks and caring for the equines I also have been quite busy with a few other things.


Another night we had some friends over and we had our first bonfire.  We got rid of a lot of the cardboard moving boxes once and for all.



Most of the gardens were planted when we moved in but I purchased a few and added them to our home.  Some in the garden and others in pots.  We also purchased a bunch of black mulch and we’re working on adding that to the gardens and around the trees.

Outdoor Furniture

I found these two old picnic tables on facebook.  For $90 I bought both along with 8 resin chairs and had it all delivered.  Ace hardware had a cheap electric pressure washer for sale for $69 and a great deal on some solid color deck stain.  I washed, sanded, and stained the tables one week.

Pool and Deck

I’ve never had a pool before but I was determined to get it going.  We have a diatomaceous earth filter by Hayward and a chlorine-free pool.  Instead of chlorine we use a hydrogen peroxide shock with a sanitizer solution.  We filled the pool an hour at a time with the hose.  When it was finally at the right level we gave it a go.  I measured the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer level and by Wednesday last week I jumped in.  It’s so lovely!


You might notice in the above photo the deck looks a little old.  I pressure washed it and gave it a fresh coat of decking stain (the same as the tables).


For the past 3 or 4 weeks three of our neighbors have been helping us mow the lawn while we figure out our next steps.  We still needed to fire up the tractor and get a lawnmower.

We bought a 50″ Cub Cadet and my wonderful aunt and uncle came out to help fire up the old ’65 Massey Ferguson.  Zac mowed the lawn Sunday afternoon.


Memorial Day I bought a simple American flag at Home Depot and finally put our flagpole to some good use.

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