We Have Arrived!

The big day!

I woke up at 2:00PM on Tuesday afternoon to put the finishing touches on my backyard paddock.  You can see the pictures at T Minus 24 Hours.

After making the paddock 100% horse-ready I took off for work.

Got out of work sometime around 6:15AM and ran to the barn.  Mucked a few stalls.  Helped a friend with barn chores, rode Happy, and then….

…then we loaded both Happy and Blade onto the sleek 2-horse goose-neck trailer and set sail for home.

Departure.  I have loved every moment of boarding at this facility.  The people are great, the setting is ideal, and I always knew my horse was in good hands.  It’s a view I’m going to be seeing a lot less of and will miss.  A bittersweet time.

The morning seemed to be timed out perfectly.  Everything had been going according to plan.

Happy loaded onto the trailer like a breeze.  Blade hopped onto the trailer with no trouble.  The rode quietly.


We got home in about 30 minutes and pulled the trailer into the backyard.  Blade was ready to get out, and once both horses were out they took to grazing the lush green grass.

We let them loose into the paddock (halters on just in case) but it didn’t even seem necessary.  They grazed a bit, explored, trotted happily around, and went back to grazing.

Most uneventful move ever.

It felt right.

They are happy.

We are happy.

Trailer butts!  Blade says “let me out!”

After an hour or two the horses were still happily minding their own business so I removed their halters.  Two of my neighbors stopped by to meet them.

After unloading my car and getting things in order it was 2:30PM Wednesday.  I made it to 24 hours (wouldn’t be the first time).  I went inside, laid on the couch, and passed out.

Every couple of hours I got up and checked out the window to see the horses.  They were still grazing.  Happy seemed a little confused about the situation.  Once the trailer left she stood by the gate for a while as if to say “hey, you forgot me!”  I kept an eye on her and she would graze happily but still walk over to the gate periodically.  Blade’s priority was grass and running away from bugs.

Sad to say it but we have a mosquito problem and fly spray isn’t cutting it.

By 6:30-7:00PM I had been able to steal a few hours of rest and the sun was less brutal.  We have been dealing with a winter that won’t let go; 40s this week, and yet today we got up to high 80s.

I went outside to check on the horses and decided to move their feet some.  I started with Blade and lunged him at an easy trot for about 10 minutes, covered some groundwork, and followed it up with a well needed hose down.  I did the same for Happy.  While I was outside I noticed the neighbors across the street outside looking over.  I also noticed at least 4 passing vehicles stop to look at the new “NEIGH-bors” (had to do it, it was too punny).  Fortunately our paddock is situated well off the road so I’m hoping that will deter anyone from meandering their way onto the property.

At dinnertime I separated the two and cut their grain rations since they’ve had so much green grass.  Once the sun had set I sat quietly with them as they worked the hay nets.

It is SO peaceful here.



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