Weekend Update

This was the final weekend to make our property horse-ready.

Horses are coming home Wednesday!

Did we get it done?

I desperately wanted to be done and ready for horses before Saturday.  Why? Saturday is Zac’s birthday so it would be NICE to not have to labor for one day……


I got out of work, went home, spread some stone, and fell asleep.  After this day I was very stressed out.  I felt there was no way to get this done on my own before Saturday.  I decided to ask Zac to take a day off so we could focus on progress Friday.


I spent much of the day running errands.  Maybe only two hours of stone dumping, trench covering, and raking.  The rest of the day was consumed by horse stalls, riding my own horse, and a riding lesson on Happy.


Zac took the day off because he’s a great support man.  Together we braved the intermittent rain showers.  We finished dumping stone and covered the trenches with the sticky clay.  Tamping will need to wait until it decides to finally stop raining.


When we needed a break from the trenches we began to work on the fencing.  I bought 4 rolls of poly rope by Powerfields.  Each roll has 1320′ of rope.  We put the rolls on a metal rod, toilet paper style, and walked the perimeter.  When the rope was laid we took another trip around to place the rope into the insulators and create tension.  Setup was a breeze!

We also drove holes into the locust post to hang the gate.  The post is super solid and took a lot of might to pilot the hole, even with a power drill!

Finally, no electric fence is complete without the hookup and grounding rods.  Who knew the grounding rods would be the biggest pain???

We successfully drove down two of the three 6′ galvanized steel rods.  Because of the shale and rock it took quite a lot of strength but we did it.  The third rod, however, went in and refused to go further.  The harder we hit the rod we found we were actually BENDING it.  “Let’s try taking it out and driving it in somewhere else.” NOPE.  The rod wouldn’t drive deeper and it definitely won’t come out. I managed to straighten it BY HAND but it still wouldn’t drive deeper.  So now we have an awkward grounding rod sitting 28.5″ out of the ground.  If we need to we’ll add a fourth to make up for our uncompromising land.

We set up the electric fence and decided to wait until a dry day to test the unit.  This was a bad idea…and I’ll cover that in another post because we’re still dealing with it).



We did it!

With everything accomplish besides the voltage test and tamping the trenches, we are officially ready for horses.  Paddock #2 and the run-in shed build will commence post-move.

We woke up late Saturday, enjoying a nice morning to sleep in.  We enjoyed birthday festivities with family.  Later in the evening I brought Zac to an Escape Room called Enigmatic Escapes, and then to dinner at Slidin’ Dirty.  We really enjoyed the whole day, and best of all….NO LABOR!

All that’s left…

Before Wednesday:

  • Hay delivery
  • Fill Water trough
  • Move extra T-Posts
  • Remove Extra Rocks from Paddock
  • Tamp Trenches
  • Test Fencing

It seems like a long list but it some of it will even be done by the time you read this!

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