Barn Cat Arnie Again

I hope you had a GREAT Easter and Happy April!

I can’t stop bringing our barn-cat, Arnie, up but he’s just a special kitty.

Remember the kitty who fit in my pocket from Every Barn Needs…?

Whenever you visit the barn to do chores there he is, Arnie, waiting for you.  He gets so excited when he gets visitors and will do anything in his power to get your undivided attention.


His latest act includes incessant meowing and climbing up your leg.  He begs you until you pick him up and hold him.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of mucking a stall, he wants that attention NOW.

This week while beginning chores he did his begging thing so I picked him up and laid him across my shoulders like a scarf.  He laid like this for a while but began fidgeting.  Eventually he had me cleaning stalls in a full forward bend.  It was a great lower back/core workout and practice for unmounted 2-point position!

Eventually I put him and his brother Bart in the lounge.  I came in a couple hours later to find the boys cuddled up in the most heartwarming way.  It’s typical to find them sharing a bed, but it always brings a smile to my face.  I hope this brings a smile to yours as well!

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