Afternoon Naps

I pulled in to the barn Thursday to see Blade and muck the stalls.  I was immediately greeted by the best barn kitties in the world!  Bart, our six toed orange tabby is our youngest kid.  He’s a wild man and quickly learning the barn cat skills.  Arnie, as you know from Every Barn Needs… has really taught Bart the ropes.  Both have taken on the torch from our older retired feline, Uncle Chip, who spends his days snoozing in the lounge.

After spending some time with Bart and Arnie I walked around back and caught Blade having a nap with his other thoroughbred buddy, Monster.

Both Blade and Monster were enjoying the mild weather and napping.  The barn we’re at is always so peaceful and quiet.  Tucked away from the main road, most people don’t even know about it.


When he saw me his ears perked up.  He recognized me and then sprawled himself flat out on the ground for some good REM sleep.

I have never seen him so comfortable, happy, and relaxed.  To allow himself to become this vulnerable anywhere but in the comfort of his own stall astounds me.  I know he lays down at night…the shavings in his tail tell me so.  But I’ve never actually seen him in the act. It made me so happy to see this.


It also makes me a little sad to know that I plan to completely uproot his life again to bring him home in a couple months.  It has taken me years to get him this happy.  I know in the long run moving him home will be beneficial, but to see him relax like this makes me a bit hesitant.  When you find an amazing environment like this it’s very difficult to give it up.


  1. Stephanie, I know you hate to uproot Blade and that is all the more reason to get him a pasture mate as soon as possible. As you know horses are herd animals and don’t do all that well by themselves. 🙂 Keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you. Getting him home will be our trial to see how he fares. I have heard some horses thrive and he’s often on his own and does just fine. As soon as I know I can afford to add to the herd I would absolutely love to but not before I know we can handle the added expenses. When I adopt I usually adopt for life so it’s a big decision and one I don’t take lightly.


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