Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence


Whether you’re a green horseman or a well seasoned equine veteran you’ll know how rare true silence is on a farm.

Geldings are loping around being goofy.  Mares are squealing at anything that looks at them sideways.  Hungry fat ponies bang their stalls for food.

People riding and talking to their equine mounts.

Barn chores, wheelbarrows, hay throwing, grain dumping.

On the day pictured above I showed up, the horses were laying down…still sleeping.  The birds were still asleep.  The world was quiet.  This mare got up to greet me and I enjoyed the silence before the day began.

I thought this would be a perfect contribution to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  Check it out at https://dailypost.wordpress.com.

Some other greet contributions this week include:


  1. That’s exactly how it is! I do really enjoy those rare silent moments, like the one that you captured so beautifully though. Thank you for the pingback!

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