Winter Hiatus

Hey fellow horse lovers!

The move has been so very slow going.  We are living at the house, but are still working on cleaning up and getting out of our apartment.

The holidays took away some time from moving activities.

I have been picking up a lot of overtime at work.

…And It’s freakin’ cold!

In upstate NY December is always chilly but we’ve been really lucky the past few years with mild weather.  Lately we’ve been getting single digit and negative temperatures.  We even had a snowstorm for Christmas!  We haven’t had snow for Christmas in a few years it seems.

That and the fact that I still don’t really have a laptop to use makes it very difficult to write according to plan.

Talk about first world problems!  Glenn and Jamie of the Horse Radio Network would be all over this.  I can hear Jamie’s voice now!


In any case, enjoy some pictures from the farm while I get my life together!


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