The Inside Scoop: Chesapeake Chester


Chesapeake Chester is a gorgeous 16.2 hand bay thoroughbred gelding.  This boy is 7 years young and weighs approximately 1100lbs. At the moment he’s currently recovering from an injury but when he’s sound he usually works 6 days a week.  He and his owner, Maddie, enjoy barrel racing, jumping and weekend trail rides; he’s even learning to drive!

What does he eat to keep his coat shiny and his body healthy?
Twice a day he eats:
  • Tribute Ultra:  0.5 Quart
  • Tribute Kalm ‘n’ EZ: 0.5 Quart


  • Flaxseed, whole: 1 Cup AM
  • Beet Pulp: 0.75 Quart PM
  • Garlic Powder in the summer

During the day Chester has free access to hay.  At night he’s given 4 large flakes of hay.  Throughout the week he also enjoys a few flakes of alfalfa.


It is quite clear how much Chester means to Maddie and she takes wonderful care of him.  He has an excellent life.

Thank you to Maddie C, for sharing!

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