Blade’s Transformation

Blade was never abused or neglected, but I don’t believe he ever truly had a person.  Until I met him he stayed in a nice pasture with two other geldings and a run-in shed.  He was given two meals a day and never bothered.  Some passing visitors would give him a peppermint or two but as far as I know he didn’t get much human contact beyond that for several years.

When I took him home he was a little underweight, had ulcers, and was very photo-bleached.  He had quite a bit of muscle atrophy.  With treatment and a personalized nutrition plan he has gained weight, filled out, and his coat glistens even when I don’t have time to groom him (seriously, I hadn’t groomed him in a week or so when I took the photos on the right).

All pictures were taken in July of different years.  Preventing photo-bleaching has it’s challenges with a dark horse but nutrition plays a key role in his coat health.

I’m quite proud of the transformation I have achieved with Blade mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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  1. This is good news. I think that some horses really need their own owner. My horse Biasini was like that. He was very well cared for a ridden by a professional but he has become so much calmer and more settled since I have owned him ( 3 years).

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