My 7 Most Memorable Vendors at Equine Affaire

If you missed yesterday’s novel about Equine Affaire, catch up by following this link. The article looks at my newcomer’s perspective as I attended my very first Equine Affaire.  It was a great time and I was able to catch three of the four days before returning home.  Since there’s so much to cover I only managed to cover a glimpse of the event yesterday.  Today I’m diving in a bit further to look at some of the vendors from the trade-show.  There must have been a couple hundred booths, and I made sure to walk by every single one.  I stopped at many and spoke with lots of people.

My list doesn’t rank the “top vendors” but from a personal standpoint these are the few that really stood out during my trip.  These vendors engaged with me and maybe I learned something or they might have simply impressed me.

When you’re finished reading about the vendors visit My 5 Most Memorable Clinicians at Equine Affaire 2017


Yucc’ It Up:  This product made it’s official launch at Equine Affaire and the booth was run by creators and owners Daryl Anne and her husband, Craig.  Daryl Anne is clearly passionate about her work and knowledgeable along with it.  I love working with this type of person because I have more confidence that things will be done right and with integrity.  We had a great conversation about equine nutrition and she showed me pictures of her bay mare.   After learning about the benefits of yucca schidigera I was convinced.  Although I should have bought the month’s supply I decided to start with the 3-day trial.  I will be reviewing this product later on to explain the product in greater detail once I’ve done more research.

20171112_005935.jpgBlue Seal:  I have never once considered Blue Seal as a feed for Blade, but after talking with the reps I no longer have an aversion to the products.  I am very particular about where my feed comes from because I worry about contamination and toxicity.  Fortunately I learned that the Blue Seal plant in my area does not carry any medicated bovine feeds on premises.  They had a raffle entry using the tablets, a spin-the-wheel game where I won a pair of earbuds, and I also took home a good portion of Sentinel Grow and Excel.  The booth was very visible and interactive.  The reps were friendly and happy to help.  Of course I’ll need to research the product on my own but it was very nice to have some people to speak with while I was there.

20171112_005914.jpgEquinutrix:  I spoke with a rep named Katie who was very friendly.  I felt terrible because she had just sat down to a delicious looking gyro (which I thought about for 2 days until I finally bought one Saturday afternoon).  She happily spoke with me about the products and learned about my horse so she could recommend the right products.  From Katie I learned that the owner of Equinutrix is a nutritionist and offers consultations.  I was stunned to learn that she’d let me take home not one but TWO samples; ZenRG and Gastro-MFR. I was doubly surprised when she told me they would last a couple WEEKS.  Usually a sample is only a serving or two and doesn’t make a difference, but two weeks I might actually see some benefit to my horse.  This is another product you can expect to see in my reviews in the coming weeks/months.


Foxden Equine: I met Jacob, the marketing and Quality Control manager at Foxden Equine.  Although he is tasked with a lot of responsibilities within the company I was really impressed with him and the products; I have heard of Quiessence before but not the others.  He happily provided me with a sample of TractGard for Blade because he knows the struggles of the thoroughbred gut.  Yet another product I get to review for you!  Aren’t we lucky?!  We also discussed a new product that I’m really interested in.  I will have to contact him to get more information but it is aimed to help the hindgut as well so stay tuned.

Omega Cure: I spoke with a woman at this booth who gave me a sample not of the equine products but of the human products.  Omega cure is a cod liver oil and she handed me a small medicine cup with a few drops of the oil.  I decided to send it “down the hatch” and quickly realized how pleasant the taste was.  It didn’t have any extra flavorings, it was just nice.  She explained that most fish oils have a level of rancidity that causes the after taste and the foul smell…Makes sense.  They also offer chocolates, cookies, and Wellpride for horses that all contain the essential omega fatty acids with DHA.

Finish Line Fencing: I spoke with a wonderful and knowledgeable man at this booth who didn’t see me as “too young” and actually gave me the time of day like a few other fencing and structure vendors.  I explained to him my situation and he explained to me his product.  I was impressed with how durable this type of fencing is.  The best part?  His 15% off show discount doesn’t end with the show.  This company recognizes that timing is important.  By giving him my email address he assured me a 15% discount for the next 6-12 months so that when I start my search I can use that benefit.  I will absolutely be looking them up in the next few months as I begin some projects in 2018.

20171112_005758Stabul Nuggets: The team selling this product was so helpful.  Stabul nuggets are treats, but they are nutritionally balanced and low in sugar.  They are perfect for any horse, even those with insulin resistance and Cushings.  I also appreciate that no iron is added to the treats because our region tends to run high in it already and it inhibits absorption of other important elements like copper and zinc. While standing at the booth I could smell the treats through the bag and they smelled wonderful!  The six flavors available are fenugreek, strawberry, peppermint, peanut, pina colada, and banana.  I learned that the flavors were chosen because they were ranked most preferred by horses.  I bought a 5 pound bag of pina colada to start so look for these in my future reviews!

Honorable mentions

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At these vendors I was impressed with the products but nobody really bothered to engage with me while I was there.  The ladies at hybrid halter did actually speak with me and engage with me, so if I continued my list they’d be right up there with the others.  I hope to someday purchase the leather hybrid halter but I simply didn’t have the $100 for it at the time.

  • The Horse Education Company (Hybrid Halter)
  • Dark Horse Chocolates – The Seabiscuit samples were delicious!
  • Ben Risney Woodcarving – This artist is so talented, if the budget allows for it someday I hope to bring one of his masterpieces home.  I was in awe of his attention to detail.
  • Haychix – I love these haynets….they are more expensive but after using them at a friend’s farm I can tell you they are USA made and the quality outlasts most other brands.
  • Equinature – I was really intrigued by the anti-bug and anti-static products but unfortunately was unable to speak with anyone about them.  My sensitive gelding still hates blanket removal because he gets shocked every time.  I have tried dryer sheets and static spray but nothing has helped so far.  I may do some research and give this a whirl.

My 5 Most Memorable Clinicians at Equine Affaire 2017 also available now!


Did you go to Equine Affaire this year in Massachusetts?  Or maybe in Ohio a few months ago?

Please leave your favorite and most memorable vendors in the comments below!

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