Well What Can I Say

Well, I have picked up a weekly custom for this blog that I rather enjoy.  Every Saturday I participate in this Stream of Consciousness Saturdays and I usually have a lot of fun with it.  Words often flow well and come easily for each prompt.  This week, well, this week is slightly tougher.  You see, these prompts are often quite open ended and it’s usually simple to find an equine spin for the weekly topic.

This week is unusual.  Perhaps because I’m not as well-rested or maybe there are simply too many directions I can go…

I could go into telling you how important wellness exams are for horses.  How you need to make sure that your horse sees the vet for shots at least every spring.

I could also provide you with some tips for how to care for your beloved equine when he/she doesn’t feel well.  How a good grooming and maybe a warm mash can pick your buddy up.

…and yet I could even provide you with a list of items to keep in your tack trunk that will make you well prepared for horse-ownership.

—or maybe the importance of testing your well water to ensure that your mare or gelding is drinking safe water.

As you can see I’m faced with so many options.  It’s like being a woman in a shoe store or a dog deciding whether to chase the squirrel or the ball.  The truth of it is I simply love writing about horses for you and I simply cannot produce as fast as I would like to.  For today you must just simply deal with my lack of attention and indecision.  Oh well, right?


This has been another contribution towards Stream of Consciousness Saturdays.  Thanks again and see you soon!


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